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project-management-leadership-logoProgram Management Leadership: Creating Successful Team Dynamics is a book that focuses on the importance of an effective team. It centers on two main points: leadership and management plans to ensure that programs achieve their desired objectives, and how to bring disparate people together to work towards the objectives of the team and achieve the manager’s vision. This book describes both the research on leadership and the situational factors that will require leaders to modify their style from one based on personal choice, to one that can overcome challenges faced from individual team members, stakeholders and organizational-cultural factors.

Book Details

This first edition is nearly one inch thick and has 226 pages. It was published in December 2013 by Auerbach Publications. This book is a part of the Best Practices and Advances in Program Management Series, and is stylistically similar to the other books in the series. The front cover is a stylish mix of yellow and blue, with an image of mechanical gears that illustrate how a successful organization is the sum of its parts, and that every individual employee is an important cog in the machine. IBSN-10: 1466577096; IBSN-13:978-1466577091


$69.95 for the book edition and $48.46 for the Kindle edition


Target Audience

Program Management Leadership is geared towards project managers and leaders, information officers and consulting firms who are looking for the advantages and success factors necessary to be truly great in their positions. This is a book intended for managers and leaders who continue to focus on self-actualization and continuous improvement as a way of learning from historical efforts and driving each new initiative to the highest possible set of standards.

What Customers Say

Melissa Usry (Amazon) described this book as a really good read. She was happy to find a book that focused on leadership, and strongly recommended it to others who were looking for great reading material on leadership.

Leslie Randal (Amazon) said that in reading this book she was able to view herself in a managerial roll, with confidence in how to manage. It also gave her a better understanding of proper delivery methodology, and how to set objectives in a structured yet productive and professional manner.

Content, Approach, Style

Program Management Leadership is organized in four sections, with eighteen chapters total. The first section delves into leadership and program management, with a history of project and program management. The second section focuses entirely on leadership, with a focus on external factors effecting leadership, and an explanation of different leadership theories. The third section focuses on leadership and teams, with information about building teams, and the success factors involved in having a high preforming team. The final section focuses on formal leadership processes.

The book includes many diagrams and lists from the PMBOK Guide, and other similar works. There are also a number of case studies included for discussion and review. This book provides a great basis for identifying leadership theories and traits on a broad spectrum. It also illustrates how these theories and traits can be leveraged by managers to enhance their team’s performance, overcome obstacles, and provide a healthy working environment.

Why Buy the Book

Program Management Leadership is a great resource for project managers and leaders who are looking to achieve the next level of success. It is a very interesting book, providing both a history of program management, and a structural manual for program managers. The author’s ability to relate and differentiate program, project and portfolio management makes this book particularly enjoyable. The author also provides acute insight about the difference between leadership and management. The review of leadership styles and methodologies is a valuable resource provided in this book.

Books that Complement

Since Program Management Leadership focuses more heavily on the leadership aspects, project professionals who are interested in learning more about various styles of project management may be interested in Effective Project Management, a comprehensive guide to project management.

Another good compliment is the PMI’s PMBOK Guide, which provides the full and official set of principles, processes, and practices of Project Management.


Dr. Mark C. Bojeun is the author of this book. With more than twenty years of experience in software development, project and program management, he is an authority figure in the field of program management. For the last nine years he has taught program, project and risk management for Concepts Integration International, a PMI Registered Education Provider. He has helped hundreds of Project Management Professionals achieve their certification.

$69.95 for the book edition and $48.46 for the Kindle edition


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