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pm-podcast-logoProgram or project managers are required to continuously update their knowledge and skills through obtaining certifications that help them stay current with project management concepts and ideas. There are three categories in which professionals can earn the required PDU (Project Development Units) to maintain their credentials. These PDUs have a three-year cycle so it pushes project managers to strive to keep current in the in the ever-changing development of project management practices.

PDUs are divided into three categories; (A) These courses are offered by REPs (Registered Educational Providers) and can be easily found online, (B) Continuing education through certification or taking new courses, and (C) Self-directed learning, completing tasks to earn PDUs. One popular and easy method to earn PDUs is podcast websites, such as PM Podcast, because users can receive PDUs through claiming hours of podcasts that they have listened to.

Introducing the PM Podcast

The Project Management Podcast, hosted by Cornelius Fichtner, provides users with ways to earn PDUs easily, simply by listening to different podcasts uploaded on the website. It is owned by OSP International LLC which is a PMI Registered Education Provider in Silverado, California. PM Podcast also offers webinars and online learning tools to help users reach certification.


The PM Podcast is hosted by Cornelius Fichtner, who is a certified PMP (Project Management Professional) and 2007 Chair of the Project Management Institution. He also produces other project management podcasts such as The PDU Podcast and The PM Prepcast. The website also offers a couple of articles written by other PMPs, such as Todd C. Williams, Andy Kaufman, Dennis Brooke and Brad Egeland.

Products and Pricing

Users can subscribe to PM Podcast directly through their website, which offers three different types of subscription. Users can choose to subscribe either for free which limits them to the 10 latest episodes uploaded only, or chose between a monthly ($5.99) or yearly ($59.99) subscription which includes 30 PDUs, access to all episodes including premium episodes and PDF transcripts of the episodes.


Benefits and Testimonials

The PM Podcast offers downloading of their episodes (after subscribing) which is greatly beneficial to keep users up-to-date and makes it easy to keep up with the podcasts on-the-go as they can be transferred to the user’s smartphone, tablet, or MP3 player. Some more benefits include having experienced and highly recommended PMPs showcase some of the podcasts to ensure users get quality advice and information. PM Podcast has over 136 episodes to offer a wide range of topics on project management.

The users of PM Podcast use these benefits to their advantage and the quality of the website reflects in their customer reviews. For example, Craig Van Slyke, a Management Information Systems professor, proclaims that the podcasts are not only entertaining and informative, but inspiring and has encouraged him to include PM topics in his courses.

Another user, Jeff Schmitt, a junior project manager, says PM Podcast is a good way to get up to speed on the news in the Project Management and listen to the real world applications of the skills needed to be a good PM.

Other Resources

The PM Podcast website offers additional resources such as articles written by certified PMPs. They also offer links to other podcasts, blogs, presentations, training, and books for users to enrich their knowledge and skills of project management.

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