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Today, project templates are available for many kinds of purposes. They are widespread because they are proven to give definite value to users. Project managers and teams who use templates are able to save time, significantly decreasing the amount of hours they have to spend on paperwork. By using project templates, teams are able to record and safeguard critical project information in official documentation. They can then be easily revisited or distributed to stakeholders. They also support effective communication, reinforce PM processes, serve as checklists to key questions, and more. Method123 is among the first to release project management templates to help teams deliver projects successfully.

Introducing Method123

Method123 was founded in 2000 to develop and provide a suite of products that would benefit project managers and teams. Jim Lombardi, a project management and PMO professional developed it to provide the industry with templates and tools. It is part of LevelNext, a technology company located in New York, USA. In the first 12 months, it sold more templates than any other similar websites combined. Today, the kit has been downloaded by more than 1.4 million users in 200 countries. As before, it continues to offer over 50 professional-grade project templates that can help users save time, effort and money.

Project Management Kit

The Project Management Kit contains more than 50 templates. It also includes plans and forms that cover the entire project life cycle, from initiation to closure. Every template is professionally laid out. It has all the charts and tables needed. It comes with step-by-step instructions, contains practical examples, and includes tips and hints, so that users know exactly how and when to use each template. For example, it includes templates for project proposal and business case for project initiation, project plan and resource plan for the planning phase, time management process, timesheet form, cost management process, and expense form for project execution, and project closure report and post implementation review for project closure, among many others.


When Method123 started offering its project templates in 2000, customers frequently asked when to use the templates, how to use them, and how to improve the success of their projects. So in 2006, they released MPMM, or the Method123 Project Management Methodology. It is a professional-grade project management process for delivering projects using best practices. With it, project managers and teams are guided how to run their project from start to finish, step by step. Every phase, task and activity is described. And the package also includes the complete suite of Method123 templates. MPMM products come in several editions and user licenses. Add-on modules are also available. Latest version is version 8.

Free Tools

On its web site, Method123 also offers a variety of free tools. A free electronic Project Management Guidebook is available for download. It describes how to manage projects, people, time, budget, communications, risks, and issues, step by step. Several free project templates can also be downloaded. With an original price of $29.95, those interested can get a Risk Plan, Risk Process, Risk Form, and Risk Register for Projects, all for free. From the site, users can also take advantage of free articles, newsletter, and blog.


Method123 partners with the International Institute of Learning (IIL),a global leader in training, consulting, coaching, and customized course development. Together, they have worked together to provide 24-hour access to the latest IIL content and courses, with preferred pricing discounts. Method123 has also worked together with Brain Sensei to offer a successful and entertaining PMP prep class. Brain Sensei has been reviewed and approved by the PMI to provide training.

Empowering Professionals and Teams for Success

Method123 products are being used by companies such as British Petroleum, Nike, Disney, Vodafone, Intel, Siemens, Dell, Shell, Apple, Oracle, BA, and Unicef. Its PM templates are a valuable tool in professional documentation that helps save time and effort. As a result, project managers and teams can spend more time on work that matters, keep projects on track, and deliver them successfully. To learn more about the company and its products, check them also on Twitter and Facebook.

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