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Information Technology Project Management: Providing Measurable Organizational Value 5th EditionThe 5th edition of Information Technology Project Management: Providing Measurable Organizational Value emphasizes on the techniques to build measurable organizational value or MOV with the help of IT projects. The book uses the doctrine of MOV coupled with the author’s own research and creates a powerful base for making challenging decisions all through the span of the project. It integrates project management and brilliant ideas on IT, providing readers with all the resources they require to excel in this area. The main objective of the book is to help students learn on how to build a strategy and manage information technology projects.

Book Details

The book was recently published on February 8, 2016 by Wiley Publishers-publishers of award-winning encyclopedias, journals, books and many online products. The front cover is alluring with the name of the book written on the top and the author’s name at the bottom in a background of blue. In between, there is an image of a waterfall gushing over the marble-like white rocks coupled with a beautiful serenity pool at the bottom. It’s available only in the Paperback edition as of now, and has 360 pages. ISBN-13: 978-1118911013; ISBN-10: 1118911016


$106.37 for the new Paperback version and $56 for a used copy


Target Audience

This book is written mainly for people who want to get familiar with the processes, techniques, tools and other important areas of knowledge required for the successful management of Information Technology (IT) projects.

The track record for IT projects has not been as expected so far and this book addresses all such issues for people in the IT field. Overall, it’s a great resource which you can turn to, enabling you to become a more valuable project team member. The book has been designed both for undergraduate and graduate students.

What Customers Say customer Paul, who recently bought the book, states that it’s concise and elucidates on the necessary facts. He further adds that it’s broken into sections, making it an easy read and has labeled the book as being a “solid project management textbook”.

Abhilash Ruhela, a student of MCA, feels confident of clearing his 3rd semester examination after having read the book. He lauds the author’s writing skills and says that the book explains every concept in detail.

Content, Approach, Style

The author has tried to maintain a balance between ideas and their applications. Most books on PM cover a broad range of topics with negligible practical application, while others emphasize on the techniques and tools, but fail to prove how everything ties together. In short, such books are written by professors for other professors.

On the contrary, this book has been written keeping the student in mind. It’s a challenging task to learn and understand on how to apply new techniques, tools and concepts with obscured writing. This book makes the process of learning and applying drastically easy The knowledge that you gain from the content will give you a better hindsight on how your work fits into the real world so that you can be immensely valuable to your team. When it comes to undergraduates, the author helps them to get geared up for their next several progressions of their career. There are 12 chapters in all which discuss on everything you ever wanted to know on projects related to IT.

Why Buy the Book

The project management industry has grown by leaps and bounds, with more than 80% of high-performing projects being headed by a certified project manager. This industry is backed by its own body of knowledge and research. The fields of software engineering and management information systems of MIS have their own methods, techniques and tools supported by comprehensive research work.

However, when it comes to IT projects, the record has been relatively poor. This is why the industry has been actively incorporating a project management approach to back the activities needed to create and deliver a service, product or information system.

Information Technology Project Management – teaches you how to balance both the organizational and technical sides of IT projects in order to come up with favorable outcomes.

Books that Complement

Juana Clark Craig’s Project Management Lite guides a new or would-be project manager managing several projects at the same time. It’s absolutely essential for people whose main target is to get the project completed with no questions asked.

Project Management Absolute Beginner’s Guide, penned by Gregory M. Horine, is meant for project professionals who have a strong determination to deliver their maiden projects successfully despite not having undergone training in PM.


Jack T. Marchewka has authored many books on information technology project management and offers readers an insight into the real world view of the issues involved. His books are easy to read and can be understood even by a person who has no real life experience in the field of project management. The tone and organization in his books are designed for a college setting.

$106.37 for the new Paperback version and $56 for a used copy


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