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Coassemble is an online learning platform that allows users to create content easily, deliver learning across devices, train teams of all sizes, and get valuable feedback through reports. It provides trainers and team leads an all-in-one learning management system with authoring tools that help simplify the tasks and streamline the process. So, you can concentrate on providing the right courses and the best experiences to your teams in training.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Easy-to-use platformCoassemble is an e-learning platform that enables companies of all sizes to deliver online training to their people in a simple and fast way. The software includes over 40 templates that users can customize for their specific purposes. The interactive templates can be edited using drag-and-drop features to quickly build content that promotes the values of your company and engages your people. The fully responsive interface allows for live edits and updates for real-time delivery. After successfully training, give your participants custom certificates that celebrate your brand, color, or logo. You can also upload your own background, and let your learners download their certificates, which they can print or share on social media.
  • Mobile-friendly learning – The cloud-based LMS lets you deliver content and courses with flexibility. Learners can access them across devices, whether on their desktop at the office training room, on the way to a conference on their smartphones, or working remotely at home with their tablets. Content will adjust depending on the available screen size and supports video, audio, and document learning materials. Users can include assignments, checkpoints, and quizzes in the content, with grading tools to provide feedback to the learners.
  • Reporting, Customization, Integration, and more – Coassemble not only provides an interactive UI, but also a powerful back-end engine that computes, measures, and reports the results of the training. You can analyze if objectives are being met with student results, time to complete, campus usage, completion rate, and other granular reports. You can customize and configure the system further by connecting it with services like Google or Microsoft 365 single sign-on, defining user roles and permissions, groups and departments, or making use of advanced branding, personalized workspace URL, or bulk user enrollment. The LMS integrates with Zapier, so you can extend the platform further in how you manage data and workflows. Other features, resources, and services include live chat support, knowledge base, help videos, demo courses, and staff onboarding.


Coassemble offers a simple pricing plan that you can pay per month or annually. The Unlimited plan is priced at $299 per month billed monthly, or $249 per month billed annually. It includes unlimited content creation and storage, unlimited users, all features and reporting tools, integration, and support. A special discounted plan of $99 per month is available through direct request to the company.

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Target Market

Coassemble is ideal for small to mid-sized businesses that require an e-learning platform to train their employees. Team leads in IT, customer support, sales, marketing and HR departments will gain the most benefit as they use the platform to upskill their staff.

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Some of their Clients

Clients include Future Fund, University of Missouri KC, Service NSW, Employsure, and SapientRazorfist.



Jeremy, the content creator from Christian Super, was looking for an e-learning platform that has a built-in authoring tool. He put to trial a few solutions including Coassemble. He found out very early on that Coassemble was the easiest tool compared to others. With the software, he was able to create and present courses using the templates. They now use the platform for company-wide training, where the employees receive quality training.

Jess and Dani are librarians from UMKC who are focused on providing assistance to students. They needed to create instructional courses, but their current solution prevented them from building the needed number of tutorials. Coassemble was chosen as a solution, and it allowed them to create content that included video, audio, and images. This led to increased collaboration, decreased time and effort to produce content, and up to 90 percent of freshmen and sophomore students attending instructional research courses.

Why Coassemble

Coassemble combines LMS capabilities and content authoring tools into a single, easy-to-use platform. It has been recognized by several online media companies with awards for its product. And it continues to update its software with features that help businesses and educators, such as improved navigation, learner dashboard, updated pages and templates.

Company Info

Coassemble Pty Ltd is a privately held learning management software company based in Newcastle, Australia and has offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Los Angeles, and Denver. The company was founded by Jude Novak, CPO, and Ryan Macpherson, CEO, in July 2016 as an eCoach. In January 2019, they rebranded as Coassemble to better represent the growth and evolution of the company. Today, it continues with its mission to provide customers a platform that allows them to easily share knowledge to enable success.

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