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Trainual vs. LessonlyCompanies face a variety of challenges to grow their business, remain profitable, and accomplish their mission. Learning and development (L&D) professionals play a key role in helping members of the organization understand their role and perform their responsibility with the right skills and knowledge. Organizational change is a very common challenge faced by employees due to mergers and acquisitions, technology implementations, budget constrains, and now, health crisis and remote working. One helpful tool that companies can use to lessen the impact of organizational change is training software such as Trainual and Lessonly. Training software provides the knowledge platform where all employees can find the information they need to do their jobs according to company standards. This Trainual vs. Lessonly article aims to share common features as well as distinct tools and approaches to help buyers understand how these training solutions can help solve their particular organizational challenges. Training software is for individuals and teams tasked to perform an important service to their colleagues or customers.

Benefits of training software

Companies spend to train their customer service teams, sales teams, or new employees. But rather than worry about training costs, L&D managers remind company leaders the cost of not training employees who work for them. Here are some of the benefits of using training software or learning management systems:
  • Reduce employee training time and expenses in off-site training locations
  • Increase employee onboarding efficiency within office schedule and premises
  • Create a communication channel between employees and managers for improved engagement
  • Provide employees with the knowledge and skills for their success
  • Easily attract talent with a training platform for future development

The Trainual Approach

Trainual is an all-in-one training and knowledge platform for a company’s employees, contractors, or customers. It is an online software where users can build manuals, employee handbooks, and a variety of training content, whether starting from scratch or ready with existing documents. The training software lets users build playbooks quickly with templates to choose from. Employees are able to easily access the needed information for their specific jobs with a searchable interface. The customizable software has an in-app template library, hundreds of integrations, and native mobile apps for Android and iOS devices. Trainual screenshot


Trainual allows users to start the onboarding process for their new hires with the digital documents they can electronically sign. It accommodates a range of learning styles that can help employees become productive faster such as videos, helpful tips, and best practices documents. The software organizes all business knowledge in one central place. It automates the training process, tests for retention and understanding, and tracks accountability. Users can assign content and job scorecards directly to each new hire so they have an understanding of what they will be doing.


Trainual supports asynchronous training, which lets users create training material on their time and allows trainees to go through the materials on demand. Aside from onboarding training, it is also a platform for ongoing employee training that keeps employees up-to-date about any personal, team, department, or company-wide development. The software can also serve as the source of transitional employee training that holds the information and responsibilities when employees are promoted, change teams, or have changes in their responsibilities. Automatic notifications remind users of important aspects during their training process.


Users can search for standard operating procedure (SOP) information in the training software with the use of keywords. These allow them to get specific SOP details to answer who, where, when, what, and how questions. By following these procedures, employees are able to replicate how tasks are completed to provide consistent results and outcomes. Trainual has over 100 SOP templates ready for use in its library, from onboarding processes to other niche processes. Users can also build tests to make sure the SOP was written as clearly as possible.

The Lessonly Approach

Lessonly is a team training software ideal for customer service, sales, talent, remote work, and enterprise training. It is an easy-to-use solution that helps users learn and practice, so they can do their work better. The software works with all sizes of organizations that help in increasing productivity and shortening the onboarding process for new hires and teams. In addition, it provides services such as trainers that can help build, implement, and scale training programs. Other services they provide include administrative support, content creation, strategic planning, practice integration, and product consulting. Lessonly screenshot


Lessonly lets users build lessons easily with drag-and-drop tools. They can create content by adding texts, images, videos, documents, and quiz questions, with SCORM compatibility. The training software is mobile device friendly. Users can assign lessons and paths to individual and teams or offer on-demand training. The interface is customizable to allow for logos, fonts, images, and company colors.


Lessonly provides the platform for trainees to practice what they are learning. It allows them to hone their job skills and build confidence. Tools to enable practice include webcam recording so they can rehearse on video and improve presentation skills. It has screen recording to capture screens that involve step-by-step processes. Other tools include audio recording, chat practice, ticketing practice, email practice, and written response.


Users can build a certification from existing lessons and paths. Lessonly includes customizable badges and branding to celebrate achievement. Certificates come with a share link so learners can post or print their success. A certification can be added to a path or to another certification. It is easy to convert a path to a certification. Upon completion of a certification path, learners get to see a digital confetti celebration. Tracking by admins of all completed certifications is viewable from the user overview page.

Trainual vs. Lessonly: Which is right for you?

Both Trainual and Lessonly are simple to use online training platforms to help businesses enable their employees to understand and perform work better. Trainual is ideal for small to mid-sized companies who has a digital requirement not only for a training platform but also a document management solution that works with external partners, contractors, and customers. The software offers a 7-day free trial. Lessonly is an enterprise training software that enables users to create training materials and allows trainees to practice what they learn. It has tracking features for analyzing completion and quiz data, identifying knowledge gaps, and gaining insight to improve team training.

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