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afa-logoOn their way to progress, every organization encounters different challenges. When this very moment occurs, a company has to decide how to manage their existing processes, which could become very robust during the time and difficult to change. In order to help the organization maintain these processes and open the room for changes, AFA Projects have offered accredited courses and tailored events thus establishing the company’s unique path in progress, enabling their further growth and making the changes effective.

AFA Projects

AFA Project is an Accredited Training Organization, whose reputation has been built steadily, during the last eighteen years. In accordance with Best Practice methods, AFA organizes the following training courses: PRINCE 2, Project Management, Change Management, MoR Risk Management, P3O Courses, Project, Project office and MoP Management of Portfolio. Their steady focus on clients’ needs reflects in offering various tailored courses that suit the client and their expectations better. AFA provides their clients with consultancy services, designed as packages that support companies at different levels, such as implementation of management methods, health-checks, coaching and mentoring, and guides them through its implementation and development.

Open Courses throughout UK

AFA’s open courses take place at easy accessible locations throughout the UK and are available in Cambridge, Ipswich, London, Norwich and West Midlands. All these venues offer to their attendants modern equipment and comfortable surroundings. When deciding about the appropriate course, AFA’s experienced trainers direct the attendants to the most suitable course that can best meet their needs.

Tailored and In-house Courses

AFA is certified to deliver accredited trainings based on the Best Practice methodology. AFA’s tailored courses cover a variety of trainings that are adapted to specific constraints and challenges typical for individual organizations. They developed a unique system of keeping specific training material, which made the cost very economic for the client. AFA’s wide range of tailored courses could vary from a short briefing, lasting for two hours, to enlarge MSP Advanced Practitioner courses that lasts a few months. Their exam pass rate is high and the skills, that could be easily adopted, are rich. afa

Consultancy Service

AFA offers different levels in consulting services organized into packages: Capability Maturity Assessment, Implementation, Mentoring and Benefits Management. In order to estimate whether the company’s portfolio, program and project is mature enough, AFA has developed P3M3 Calibration service that could increase project productivity. Another level of services refers to implementation of PRINCE2 processes and supports the company and their staff, whether junior and inexperienced or senior, to adapt on a process culture and gain more experience. Coaching and mentoring are the third method of support that guarantee integration of the training concepts into business practice. The fourth package is called Benefits Management, designed to help organization to follow their progress throughout the process. Benefits Management should take into account every element of a change initiative.

Project Management Training Authority

AFA is leading authority in Project Management training program in the UK and beyond. Their clients, which include local authorities, government departments and agencies, hospitals and NHS trusts, police, international government organizations etc., witness the quality of their programs. Likewise, numerous testimonials written by delegates, who attended their courses, show greater trust in the competence of AFA’s trainers and overall satisfaction with the programs’ benefits.

Social Presence

AFA has an active social presence through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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