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Advancing Research on Projects and Temporary Organizations is an insightful book that sheds light on the51D+-1JMcjL._SX335_BO1,204,203,200_development and the relationship that can be formed between project management and organizations of the modern world. It has been written to honor Professor Anders Soderholm, who was once the rector of the Mid Sweden University and Professor in Business Administration at Umea School of Business, on his 50th birthday. It mainly focuses on development in researching projects and modern organizations. A key feature of the book is that it does not discuss on traditional projects as can be seen in a majority of project management books, but on advancing research on temporary organizations and projects. With case studies and research from some of the best known authors in the industry who have given a rundown on their years of experience, each and every PM can add value to their organization and the way they work by reading this book.

Book Details

The book can be found only in the paperback format on Amazon. It was published on January 6th, 2014 by Copenhagen Business School Press and is available in English. The book has 284 pages and weighs 13 ounces. ISBN-10: 8763002485; ISBN-13: 978-8763002486.


$55 for the paperback edition


Target Audience

Advancing Research on Projects and Temporary Organizations is basically meant for expert project managers and PMOs who want to take their business to another level with meticulous planning while emphasizing on the commonly overlooked risks and snags that may lead to the failure of a project.

What Customers Say

Stewart Clegg, Professor, U. of Technology Sydney, states that the book is one of a kind when compared with most books on project management since it’s characterized by in-depth analysis of the experiences of some of the most accomplished people in the field and should be read by everyone.

According to Jorg Sydow, Professor of Management, Freie U., Berlin, Advancing Research on Projects and Temporary Organizations gives a fantastic outlook of what’s hot in the field of project management. He recommends the book for anyone who wants to learn about and understand projects or other types of temporary organizations.

Content, Approach, Style

Advancing Research on Projects and Temporary Organizations comprises of leading study besides research on projects within temporary organizations. A collection of brilliant case studies, research and theories by experts can assist top level decision makers to think out of the box and create something new that can be of tremendous value to organizations in identifying and managing the main pitfalls and hurdles, which can all help in the fruitful outcome of a project.

It consists of 14 chapters and has interesting topics like restoring project success, creating innovative techniques  in temporary organization and project management as management innovation to name a few. Each of these chapters has unique concepts and provides a broad ambit of real time business cases and conclusions-all dependent on each scenario. Since this book has multiple authors, it has a wide collection of interrelated issues which are normally encountered by projects.

Why Buy The Book

Advancing Research on Projects and Temporary Organizations is the best thing since sliced bread since it includes research and efforts in which temporary organizations and projects highlights themes based on scientific endeavors and organizational theory. The experiences of some famous authors make this book a win-win situation. Each chapter is penned by a different author, which makes it unique. These authors have identified and addressed the significance of bringing about clarity while finding a solution in project research.

The book also shows on how to create a strong relationship between temporary and permanent organizations in order to create productive outcomes so that it leads to greater value.

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Rolf A Lundin is a Professor of Business Administration at MMT Centre. He received a doctorate at the University of Chicago in 1973. Lundin was involved in facilitating the Swedish Project Academy, Scandinavian Journal of Management and Economics at Umeå University, and is an eminent member in numerous global organizations.

Markus Hallgren is a great academician who defended his dissertation in the year 2009 at Umea School of Business and Economics. Besides some outstanding accomplishments, Hallgren has started two firms, which includes a software company that can help in the decision making process. He’s also a commissioner at Svenska Projektakademien and board member at Svenskt Projektforum.

$55 for the paperback edition


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