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We all understand the productivity value that project management tools and applications provide as we do our job. For people and businesses who have just recently realized this, the quest to find the right tool brings excitement. For organizations already familiar and using a PM application, certain changes caused by the market or within the company may prompt them to add a tool to or completely replace what they currently have. Below are seven online resources where businesses, regardless of size, can find the right tools to stay productive and competitive.


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Our very own Project-Management.com site has a Web App Marketplace that offers Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Since 2001, the site has been gathering and constantly updating on only the best web applications for project management and related disciplines. What sets it apart is its focus on this specialized field and industry. To guide potential PM tool customers, the site cleanly lays out and divides web applications into six categories, namely, Project Management, Customer Relationship Management and Help Desk, Time Tracking, Issue and Bug Tracking, Calendars and Event Scheduling, and Document Management. This layout greatly helps potential buyers to easily find a PM tool with a particular specialization, saving them precious time from going through all the combination of products and vendors. It also has a Top 5 section with a clear description of each web application.


PCMag EC logoPCMag.com  is the website of PC Magazine. For decades it has informed users about PC computers, peripherals and updates, as well as Internet related technologies and applications. They have an extensive business directory  covering 50+ industry categories including Project Management, HR Software, CRM, and many more. The Project Management page includes a substantial number of products as well as those that have full reviews by PCMag editors. Another great resource that they provide is The Best Project Management List of 2016 . From here, get a quick glance of reviewed software and compare aspects such as pricing between them.


GetApp LogoGetApp.com has a free business apps marketplace that aims to help businesses and organizations discover and evaluate the right application with the site’s product reviews, comparison tables, evaluation sources, and a recommendation tool. Business applications can be browsed by category. On the Project Management & Planning page, the applications can be further categorized which also include Project Portfolio Management, Task Management, and Time Tracking, among others. The Project Management Software page lists about 200+ products, which again can be filtered further according to devices supported, customer types, platforms, pricing model, or deployment. PM tools are then given a short description, links to their website, and a rating. Another cool feature of the site is allowing users to choose products for a side by side comparison.


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Capterra brands itself as the smart way to find software, and its homepage presents a way to browse either by function or by industry. When browsing by function is selected, software groupings such as Accounting & Finance, Project Management & Planning, or Supply Chain are presented. When browsing by industry, groupings such as Agriculture & Animal Care, Banking & Loans, or Real Estate are listed. Upon choosing the appropriate directory, related functions are further categorized which include Idea Management, Task Management, or Time Tracking. At the Project Management page, a list of software programs are displayed, numbering at least 500. However, these can be trimmed down by applying filters such as according to platform, budget estimate, or software features that are being sought out for a particular requirement.


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A web resource that describes itself as the authority on software selection is SoftwareAdvice.com. It is an Austin, TX company whose goal is to help buyers find the right software. What is different in its offering is its free telephone consultation called FastStart, which is a 1-800 number. They also have a Top Ten Most Recommended Systems page for project management software and many other business systems. This page also has filtering options, such as the type of application, the customer’s industry, and number of users. Each top ten software company listed can be requested, through Software Advice, to give a price quotation and a demo software. The page also has a Buyer’s Guide tab that explains well the system category being viewed.


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Another top-ten type of resource is TopTenREVIEWS.com. This site reviews a great many lists of products, ranging from software, to services, and even home appliances. The project management review page can be a challenge to get to, being under Business & Finance, which is under Web Services, and not under Software. However, upon reaching the page, it presents a unique informative graphical side-by-side comparison of its 2013 Best Online PM tools. Each PM application is ranked and rated with colorful bar graphs corresponding to its strengths such as project management, resource management, collaboration, ease of use, and integration. Below this comparative graph is a long checklist that further describes if a set of features is included or not, which is very helpful to the PM tool shopper.


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Reviews.com is a Seattle, WA company composed of researchers whose goal is to help users make the right decisions in purchasing a range of products and services that include business software and services, financial reports, insurance, and even exercise machines. By having their experts do the research and find the truth, they help users save valuable time and make informed choices. Their project management software review page included seven tools only, but what sets them apart is that the categories and features they are reviewed against are very comprehensive and detailed. It is also presented in a very clean layout with smooth transitions in between tabs and pages. It also has a very informative explanation of what features to look for, as well as a selection by buyer profile.


Finding, selecting, and acquiring a new project management tool makes people excited but sometimes anxious, too. Perhaps making the selection process as a project can help minimize errors. In any project, a gathering of requirements is a crucial step. Coming up with a requirements document can help people and organizations be prepared and not be distracted by the many choices as they browse through these seven valuable online PM tool resources.


Jose Maria Delos Santos

Jose Maria Delos Santos

Jose is a subject matter expert and member of the writing team for Project-Management.com. He has written hundreds of articles including project management software reviews, books reviews, training site reviews, and general articles related to the project management industry.

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