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4pmOne of the most powerful resources in every organization is its people. A team of skillful and highly motivated people, led by experienced professionals, can produce the most effective results. Their success mostly depends on the quality of their leader, whose expertise and proficiency can build a high achieving team. Every company that wants a high performing team can rely on 4PM.com’s experts. They are certified in, at least, one of 4PM.com’s advanced courses and have more than 10 years experience in project management. They form a backbone of 4PM.com and determine their core values. All of the above enables 4PM.com to focus on the real problems and their solutions. Their practical and reality check approach contributes to the success of the company’s projects. Every service they offer comes from the experienced and the masterly team of professionals.


4PM.com was founded by Dick Billows in 1986, in Denver, Colorado. Their training programs are certified by Project Management Institute and gained an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. All their training and education courses are based on 4PM.com’s unique methodology, named Achievement-driven Project Methodology (AdPM), standardized as a 5-step process with tools and techniques designed for the vast majority of the projects, managed by different companies. Apart from the basic methodology, 4PM.com has developed advanced techniques for specific projects. By building AdPM, they have set the cornerstone for all their services and products. Their goal is to share their practical and highly effective skills through training courses, online instructor-led classes, seminars, books, and recently through their “How To’s” channel on YouTube. 4PM’s courses and certifications are available in following forms: Project Management Basics, Project Management Professional, IT Project Basics, Construction and Healthcare Project Basics, Client Project Management and MS Project Basics. The courses are organized as Company Project Training and Private 1-to-1 Courses.

Company Project Training

4PM.com offers Company Project Training, the type of training adapted to particular organizations, its unique needs and capabilities. They focus on a company’s resources, maturity and goals. Depending on the staff’s skill level, project environment and specificity of the project, they develop tailored content and case studies, typical to this very company. The strength of tailored courses is its focus on real situations and practical solutions. 4PM.com‚Äòs courses are designed on the scalable methodology which removes all unnecessary work and fully directs the people to the outcome.

Online Individual Training

4PM.com organizes the private 1-to-1 courses that are customized to individual goals and purpose. In this respect, they have developed various tools and techniques that could meet clients’ distinct needs and affinities. The client has an opportunity to select the tools and techniques thus tailoring training content to match their skill level, specificity of industry and certain career path. The client, also, can choose the pace and schedule he/she wants to follow. Individual work with personal instructor has many benefits, because there is a plenty of room to raise the questions and discuss the issues regarding clients’ wishes. The instructor is available for students not only during the course, but also 1 year after finishing.

Project Webinars

4PM.com has on their menu project webinars, that can be designed by organization’s choices. Webinars are organized in two forms: as 2-hours and 3-hour webinars, where 2-hour webinars cover the basic topics and 3-hours contain the basic and advanced topics with a real case study. All the topics, whether basic or advanced, are chosen by the organization. The benefits of 4PM.com’s webinars are numerous and bring the organization improvement of the employees’ skill level for a small amount of time (2-3 hours) and for reduced expenses (no travel costs). If the company needs certified staff, then 4PM.com organizes a full course in a form of a series of 2 to 4 hour webinars.

Project Books

4PM.com has published over 50 books on project management that cover different industries and various skill levels. Based on 4PM.com’s unique methodology, they represent valuable resources for those interested in expert techniques of PM Professionals. The books can be purchased from their own website and Amazon.com.

The Real Life Experience in the PM World

4PM.com continues to share its contribution in the business world through the wide network of their former students. They encourage the students to exchange ideas and experience of working on projects from the real world. At 4PM.com, a room for articles written by the students is available. There, they can share the valuable lessons learnt from experience. There are, also, many testimonials left that confirm the quality of the reality-customized courses. To learn more about 4PM.com, you can visit their YouTube page.

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