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Overview Presentation

TeamLab is a Cloud-based online project management solution offered as Software-as-a-Service. TeamLab is a high standard software yet freely available. It is widely used project management software due to its unique and customizable features that makes a good alternative to traditional offline office systems. TeamLab is a good choice for those enterprises intending to shift to Cloud computing yet wouldn’t like to take an expensive risk.

Features, Benefits and Product Strengths

  • Highly customizable: TeamLab comes with a host of templates that you can easily customize to have that unique taste and feel that saves you from that boring uniform look that is so common with other online project management software.
  • Customer Relationship Management: TeamLab has a sophisticated yet easy-to-use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module. This CRM module has customer contact details, communication point where you can easily e-mail clients and communication analysis tools that enable you determine the effectiveness of your communications in generating and sustaining revenue.
  • Distributed Systems Management: TeamLab is truly global software that allows centralized management of people and resources distributed across the globe.
  • Real-time Project Management: TeamLab has a real-time project management module that comprise of task scheduling and assignment, Milestones determination and setup, and time tracking.
  • Team Collaboration: TeamLab has team collaboration module that enables you to easily add or remove a member from a certain specific team. TeamLab makes it easy to allocate tasks and resources amongst various team members.
  • Document Management: TeamLab makes it easy to share files, edit documents, and store them safely and securely.
  • Advanced Communication Management: With a centralized Dashboard that easily navigates you to core communication facilities such as forum boards, message boards, e-mail and contact points, all communications are made easy to carry out, lively and well documented for further analysis and future reference.
  • Highly Integrated Business Collaboration: TeamLab modules seamlessly integrate with each other and with a host of its inbuilt features and resources such as contacts register, calendars, forum boards, etc, and allows easy sharing of these resources across the board whether within teams or across teams. This enables a highly integrated business collaboration amongst various key stakeholders such as customers, vendors and staff.
  • Plenty of Support Tools: TeamLab comes with plenty of support tools such as calendars, instant messaging and forum boards.
  • Safe and Secure: TeamLab supports several layers of user rights and privileges which helps you to allocate specific rights and privileges of access to specific people and resources. Multi-level access rights also work well internally such that you can easily departmentalize your workforce and staff functions. Access control, rights and privileges ensures that people, data and other resources are maintained at the highest degree of integrity. TeamLab has privacy settings that enable you to turn certain documents, features and tools private.
  • Hassle-free Maintenance: TeamLab, like any other Cloud Computing program offered as SaaS, service and maintenance are taken care of by the host. This leaves you worry-free from such concerns as backups, anti-virus scanning, server upgrades, software updates, and such other hassles associated with hosting your own software infrastructure.
  • Support Services. TeamLab offers a host of dedicated supports services geared towards making you have the best experience possible. These support services come in the form of dedicated blog, forum, wiki, FAQs and Online Video Demo.
  • Remote capability: TeamLab is available on smart phones thus making it available to you remotely on the move.


TeamLab is absolutely free for a storage capacity of 1 GB. However, you can upgrade to a premium rate of $49 at which you get up to 50 GB of storage capacity.

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Target Market

TeamLab is intended for those enterprises that would like to have a real-time online project management experience and take advantage of the unlimited potential availed by the internet.

Supported Languages

English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Latvian, Italian, Chinese, Ukrainian, Czech, Turkish, Portuguese, Polish, Greek, Vietnamese.

Some of their Clients

Greenline Creative, Online Experts, M2ComSys Inc, Francesca and so many others.


Arnaud Talaia,

 “I want to thank you very-very much for this BRILLIANT tool you’re offering for free! I feel like our project is going to lead somewhere just because TeamLab is a hell of a structured and intuitive tool to use. This is nothing short of AMAZING!!!”

Joseph Bino, M2ComSys Inc.

 “Recently we were searching for an intranet employee portal solution and were comparing different open source solutions to implement our company. At the last moment only we came across TeamLab and we liked the features. We also setup a demo site to review the features available with TeamLab and we are pretty much impressed.”

Why TeamLab?

TeamLab is a free and simple to use Cloud-based software. It is extremely lenient to your pockets in addition to having user-friendly accessibility.

Company Info

TeamLab is an easy-to-use web-based project management software that transforms the much dreaded project management into a simple and user-friendly function. In addition to these simple and user-friendly features, TeamLab is one of the very few free and yet up to standard project management software. The constant patronage it receives from over 300,000 customers is a living testimony of its popularity which can only attest to its beneficial functionality.


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