AtTask Software Review: Overview & Features

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Overview Presentation is a social project management software that allows users to manage their project tasks and resources while allowing them to carry out discussions on its social platform; thus increasing organizational skills and effectiveness of all concerned. Knowledge workers are easily disenfranchised if there is no one to address their problems. Knowing this, one company has addressed the problem by creating online-based software that not only addresses project management issues, but also provides a social platform through which team members can address their issues as they arise.

Features, Benefits and Product Strength

Project Management: The work management software allows executives and project managers to effectively manage individual projects and their clients, make project lists while determining resources and equitably distributing them. It keeps track of all project details including team members, their tasks, and budget.

Resource Management: AtTask is used to determine resources available as well as determine how each project resource is going to be allocated for each task and in what format in order to complete it effectively. Gantt Charts are used to make visual representations of each task at hand and to determine resource allocation.

Portfolio Management: Project team members can keep track of their individual portfolios and project managers can keep track of all portfolios regarding the projects being done. Document sharing is possible with the software to disseminate knowledge.

Task Management: The software is used to keep track of each task assigned as well as the time taken to complete each assignment. Task lists can be made and resources can be allocated to each task as appropriate.

Request Management: For any project team member who needs a certain issue resolves, the requesting for help from the appropriate party is possible. Alerts can also be sent via the social platform as well as emails to enable finding solutions to bug issues.

Time Management: The software has facilities that allow for shared calendars and timesheet generation. This allows for synchronization of time taken to accomplish tasks as well as for billing of clients.


Starting at just $30 per user per month. Free custom trial. Support, training and consulting are available. The company offers price quotes upon request with all potential users required to give their personal details for contact purposes. A free demo is then offered to assist the client in decision-making.

Social Network Presence

Target Market

Target markets include IT departments, educational institution, product development companies, hospitals, ad companies among others.

Supported Languages

The software supports 7 languages that include Chinese, Japanese, English, Arabic among others.

Some of their Clients

Associated Food Stores, BDM Consulting, Buckman Laboratories, Penson, PVH, Trilliant.


Marcia Taylor, PET Radiopharmacy Program Leader, GE Healthcare-“We wanted to give our project managers visibility into all of our current projects and resource needs, regardless of where they were in the world. We evaluated several different options, and AtTask was the best solution to meet our needs.”

Lenny Kraftchick, Hanesbrands, Inc- “We were able to go from 72% of projects delivered on time to 92% and to shorten the process lifecycle from 52 weeks to 46 weeks.”

Why AtTask?

AtTask is not only a project management solution but it is also a collaborative one. They provide Software as a Service that makes use of a social media platform to improve knowledge workers’ organizational, operational and management skills. They are a multi-award winning project and work management solution provider whose aim is to empower organizational staff through improving their accountability, visibility, empowerment and social collaboration through our software.

Company Info

AtTask, Inc is a company that was founded by Scott Jonson in 2001 and he now chairs the company board. The company headquarters are located in Utah’s Silicon Slopes and has over 300 workers all over the world in Asia, North America, Europe, Africa, and Middle East. The mission statement of the company is to ‘optimize the cubicle’ thus engaging knowledge workers to help them increase their efficiency and effectiveness.

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