The Project Manager’s Guide to IDIQ Task Order Service Contracts – A Book Review

The Project Manager’s Guide to IDIQ Task Order Service Contracts: How to Win and Perform on Task Order Contracts is a very specific book about a type of contract abbreviated as IDIQ. Indefinite Duration and Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracts are awarded usually by the US Federal government, and it amounts to $100B every year. Some commercial organizations also use similar processes and contracts, and the total opportunities from these two results in a huge amount of business. However, it also has specific pitfalls as well as opportunities that are not commonly taught in contracting or project management. The author’s extensive knowledge, experience, and coaching style laid out in the book provides the reader pragmatic recommendations and best practices description.

Book Details

The e-book has a file size of 1151 KB, with an equivalent print length of 178 pages. It is divided into 9 chapters. E-book features include highlight, notes taking, and search. It is accessible across all reading devices, with Word Wise and Text-to-Speech enabled. A limited-stock hardcover is also available. The e-book is the first edition, and published by Palgrave Macmillan in November 2016 in English. ASIN: B01MFHG2P6


$39.99 for the Kindle version and $44.05 for the hardcover version

Target Audience

The Project Manager’s Guide to IDIQ Task Order Service Contracts is ideal for project managers and contract managers involved in indefinite duration/indefinite quantity contracts. It provides great value to project professionals engaged with and going over the entire lifecycle of IDIQ contracts, especially the startup, managing and closing phases. It is especially helpful to mid-career services managers who are technical specialists but taking on more management duties.

What Customers Say

Tim G (Amazon) congratulated the author for a great job of laying out the details of IDIQ contracts. He has benefited from the book as a professional competing for task orders on these contracts.

Anonymous reader (LinkedIn) stated that the author provided industry project managers an abundance of tips and templates. The book is described as a solid primer for navigating ID/IQ contracts from the federal government, which will benefit both new and experienced managers.

Content, Approach, Style

Content: The Project Manager’s Guide to IDIQ Task Order Service Contracts is divided into 2 parts and 9 chapters. The first part starts with the fundamentals such as the definition of a IDIQ Task Order Contract, its financial value, and the stages of the IDIQ Contract lifecycle. The book also discusses in detail the roles, responsibilities and motivations of the principals. The second part covers the managing aspect of the contract, and discusses the startup activities, best practices in project communications, task order proposals and work package management. The book also explains ongoing management actions and conclusion of the contract.

Approach/Tone: The author provides clear definitions, descriptions, and details of what is involved in IDIQ contracts. He also provides the readers tips to help them, as well as warnings to prevent them from committing errors.

Style: The book is specific to IDIQ contracting and has many related terms that are also well defined, described and clarified. The author made it easy to read a highly technical book with short paragraphs, clear sentences, bulleted lists/numbered lists, figures with explanations, tables, notes and many other helpful explanation and aids for the reader.

Why Buy the Book

The Project Manager’s Guide to IDIQ Task Order Service Contracts is a comprehensive material in an industry that is very lucrative but also very specific and competitive. Reference in this area is rare, and this book is full of practical information and suggestions that will provide the reader greater opportunities and competitive edge in getting awarded with more Task Orders.


Mark Salesky is the Principal Consultant and General Manager of Able Swordplay LLC, a privately held management consulting company based in Lorton, VA, USA. The company specializes in project and program management, contracts management, Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement, IP Assessment and Protection, and other services. Mark received his education at the National Defense University and at the Bisk College of Business, Florida Institute of Technology. He has over 25 years of experience, trained as a CIO, certified as a Defense Acquisition Professional, PMP and Six Sigma Black Belt. A former US Army officer, he has spent 12 years managing IDIQ contracts, Task Order projects and proposals.

$39.99 for the Kindle version and $44.05 for the hardcover version

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