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Supply Chain Management For Dummies is a book that covers a broad area of supply chain management (SCM) topics. Unlike other books on the same subject, it is not limited to procurement, logistics, or operations. Instead, it provides the reader the whole view, and illustrates the supply chain as an interconnected system. The book also discusses the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model, technology to manage the supply chain, tools to improve value, and tips to help professionals develop their career.

Book Details

This paperback measures 7.3 inches wide, 0.9 inch thick, and 9.2 inches long. Shipping weight is about 1 pound. It has 360 pages divided in 21 chapters. Aside from paperback, it is also available in Kindle format. It is part of the For Dummies Series of books published by Wiley Publishing. This first edition was published in November 2017 in English. ISBN-10: 1119410193; ISBN-13: 978-1119410195


$19.28 for the paperback version and $15.99 for the Kindle version

Target Audience

Supply Chain Management For Dummies is ideal for people who want to better understand their roles and responsibilities, belonging to the logistics, procurement or operations department of their company. It is also valuable for those who teach or train professionals working in this industry, or for senior executives who want to know how to make better decisions. The book can also be used as reference for those striving for certifications in supply chain management.

What Customers Say

Jason S. (Amazon) described the book as an excellent primer on supply chain fundamentals and management best practices. The author also went into deeper topics, such as building supply chain analytics, managing risks, and digital supply chains. He recommends it for professionals new in the field, but can also be interestingly helpful to experienced professionals. Katie K. (Amazon) stated that the book is an excellent resource, especially to someone new in the field of supply chain like herself. It covered a wide range of aspects, including what it is, how it works, how it drives value, and much more. Also, the icons section helped her in reading the summary of important information for each section. Robert O. (Amazon) stated that the book helped him understand the differences between military and commercial SCM. As a military logistician looking to transition into the civilian community, he was able to assess where he needs to focus self-development prior to his career transition. He described it as a great book for people looking for an overview of supply chain management, as well as for those searching for in-depth information.

Content, Approach, Style

Content: Supply Chain Management For Dummies has 21 chapters divided into 6 parts. The first part is an introduction to SCM, while the second part is about managing the process, with a focus on the SCOR model. Part 3 is about key technology, such as software, integrations, and digital supply chains. Part 4 discusses techniques how to increase value to address the needs of the customer using SCM. Part 5 provides recommendations on how to build one’s career in this field, while Part 6 is a checklist of questions to guide the reader in implementing their SCM. Approach/Tone: The author provides simplified explanation of the topics. Using common terms and examples, he informs the readers about key concepts without overwhelming them. Style: The book is well organized in such a way that newcomers can simply follow the order of the chapters to build their understanding. But experienced readers can also go directly to selected chapters as they are useful on their own. The paragraphs are short, the topics are labeled, special sections provide summaries, and the text is full of helpful graphs, illustrations, lists and examples.

Why Buy the Book

Supply Chain Management For Dummies is a comprehensive resource about SCM. Moreover, it does not simply cover more topics, but show how they are interconnected, how they can impact the business, and how to improve it using the latest technology and best practices. The book debuted at #1 in several Amazon categories, such as in production and operations, in distribution and warehousing, and in project management.


Daniel Stanton is an executive, and educator, and an author with a passion and expertise in supply chain management, project management, leadership, and operations management. He is the president and co-founder of SecureMarking, a provider of a new technology platform for end-to-end supply chain security. Daniel is also a associate professor in operations management in the Jack Welch Management Institute. He is a course author at, and his courses in project management have been viewed over 350,000 times. He has written articles for APICS magazine and Supply Chain Management . Daniel received his Master of Engineering degree, logistics and supply chain management at the MIT. He is also a certified PMP, Six Sigma Black Belt, Certified Supply Chain Professional, and SCPro Level 1.

$19.28 for the paperback version and $15.99 for the Kindle version

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