Author: Helena Vowles-Shorrock

Beyond the Project Manager – the Roles and Responsibilities within the Project

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Effective Project Management requires an understanding of the roles and responsibilities outside those of the Project Manager themselves, or, in other words, a comprehensive understanding of the structure and dynamics within a working project. This article will outline a typical Project structure, and highlight the roles and direction of influence between the different agents involved.

Many parallels between the organisational structure of the workplace, and that of the Project, can be drawn. Like the workplace, it is crucial that with the Project, responsibility and authority are clearly defined from the outset. That is, there must be a clear understanding from all involved regarding reporting arrangements. Also like the workplace, a group of stakeholders will be defined, and the Project will work towards their needs. The Project require a certain level of management required to achieve a particular task, and will necessarily have a delegation of agents working together to achieve the Project objectives. Read the Complete Article