Author: Brad Egeland

Tips for Managing Projects Through Turmoil

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Projects succeed and projects fail. According to some survey statistics that have been presented in the past couple of years projects fail to some degree and based on some criteria or another between 56% and 74% of the time. Stats like those ensure us of two things:

  • That managing projects isn’t easy
  • That project success is never a sure thing no matter how good you are as a project manager

Now, if you throw in some other variables, life as a project manager gets even harder. Take, for example, company turmoil or major organizational change. What if your company is experiencing major layoffs? What if fraud was revealed high in the organization (I’ve personally had to deal with that one with a client – it was our CEO who was fraudulent and I got the chance to break that news to my project client before the news was public. Read the Complete Article