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your-erroneous-zones-logoYour Erroneous Zones is a fundamental book on self-improvement and positive thinking. It teaches its readers how to block negative thought and manipulate their awareness in order to take complete control of their life. It is a great book for those who are seeking aid in self-development and for those who simply wish to learn how to get rid of negative feelings such as shame, guilt and worry. Intensive information on these subjects written in a clear and easy-to-read style makes this a must-read for anyone who wishes to indulge themselves in the knowledge about the human self.

Book Details

The book is available in hardcover or kindle and it is less than one inch thick with 256 pages. Published in the year 1976 makes it one of the writer’s oldest books. The front page has a light theme with the face of the author Dr. Wayne Dyer on it, as well as a short description of the content of the book. ISBN-10: 0060919760; ISBN-13: 978-0060919764


$8.69 for the book edition or $8.19 for the Kindle edition


Target Audience

Your Erroneous Zones is meant for those who feel that their lives are being impacted for the worse by negative emotions and feelings. It is for those who seek aid in coping with these thoughts or those that wish to garner knowledge on this particular subject of self-improvement. It is also for those who wish to know more about how to help another person, such as a loved one, on how to inject positivity in their lives and getting rid of the negative emotions.

What Customers Say

Andrew Parodi ( described the book as one of the most helpful self-improvement books and believes it to be the author’s best book.

Patrick D. Goonan ( says the book has a wealth of excellent practical advice that can be immediately applied to whatever your life situation happens to be. He says the book is so good that he has read it atleast 12 times in his life.

Claudine ( says the book has helped her a lot with the daily issues she was facing and gave her answers to her questions that caused her to suffer.

Content, Approach, Style

Your Erroneous Zones is divided into many different chapters. Each chapter tackles a different issue, a so-called “erroneous zone” that prevents you from reaching true success and happiness. The approach to these issues is very unique, as the writer has written them using his own knowledge and experience. The book assuredly contains information you have not read before.

The style of the book is relatively simple. It does not contain many pictures and the pages mostly consist of pure text. The way in which it is written makes it understandable even for those who are not expert level at the English language.

Why Buy the Book

Your Erroneous Zones is one of Wayne’s best sellers. It contains a lot of information on how to improve your life and eliminate thoughts that prevent you from reaching true success. The writer of the book is a renowned doctor that has great knowledge over the subjects he writes over. This make the book a great and pristine source for those who wish to truly improve themselves or for those who have just started going down that road.

Books that Complement

No More Excuses is a book that complements Your Erroneous Zones very closely. Both books are about improving ones train of thought and eliminating feelings that are negative for achieving true success.

Making Things Happen by Scott Berkun is another great complementary book due to its wide-ranging coverage of useful content related to the attitude of people as well as thought-provoking exercises.


Wayne W. Dyer is a renowned writer of self-improvement books. He has a great library of books that teach you how to lead a better life and how to achieve success and happiness. He has only recently passed away, on August 2015. He was not only a writer, but also a psychotherapist who handled the subject of self improvement on a daily basis. His books have helped many people who’ve had doubts and questions about life’s dreadful wonders.

$8.69 for the book edition or $8.19 for the Kindle edition


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