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wordpress-bible-logoWordPress Bible is a guide for bloggers, WordPress developers and anyone seeking to maximise the use of online marketing and social media interaction. It contains comprehensive information which has been edited by one of the lead developers of the WordPress software and has been designed to help users master the world of blogging regardless of their present level of operation.

Book Details

This second edition of WordPress Bible was published on April 12, 2011 by Wiley Publishers. It contains 744 pages and is published in English. With shipping weight of 2.4 pounds, it is available in both paperback and Kindle editions. The book is 1.5 inches thick and the front cover is red with black trimmings, and the words “WordPress” is printed in large white font to the top of the cover and “Bible” at the lower right corner in similar font, with the author’s name printed in the top right corner.


$27.04 for the Book edition and $25.69 for the Kindle edition


Target Audience

WordPress Bible is intended to enhance the blogging experience for both casual bloggers as well as programming professionals. WordPress Web developers will also find it quite handy for problems that need a quick solution. In general, it is a useful tool for anyone who wishes to increase the visibility of their blogs and also those who are seeking to take advantage of the benefits of online marketing and social media interactions.

What Customers Say

Leisure publishing Co. (Amazon) described the book as easy to understand and stated that while it is simple enough to guide you even if you’re not a programmer, hard core programmers will still gain satisfaction from the tips on how WordPress’ inner set of hooks and code work together.

Another satisfied user, Michael Schafir (Amazon) declared that WordPress Bible is probable one of the best books on using WordPress. He described it as a good reference tool for when there is a problem as the range of topics covered is quite commendable.

Kim (Goodreads) also said that it is a good reference for WordPress web developers on all levels. She went on to describe it as an awesome book for when you want a quick answer.

Content, Approach, Style

WordPress Bible is a comprehensive guide for using WordPress. The book is divided into chapters, sections, and sub-sections to make it incredibly easy for readers to use it as a reference on all matters related to WordPress. As it is an all-in-one guide, the book starts with the basics like the history of WordPress and How to Install WordPress, and then delves into the deeper and more advanced topics, allowing it to be beneficial for beginners and experienced WordPress users alike.

The book starts out with the fundamentals of WordPress and builds on each concept for the less advanced user. Users are guided through activities such as the exploration of web servers and installation and configuration of the software. It offers tips on how to increase findability with the use of SEO and other tools; it then provides guidance on the use of plugins. These and the subsequent sections provide tools that professional WordPress users will find quite useful. The integration of navigation menus and themes and the ability to set up a content management system are some of the more advanced areas that the book covers using a step-by-step approach which makes for easy reading and understanding.

Why Buy the Book

The use of the web and, in particular, social media interactions have become a popular communication medium for individuals and businesses. With millions of bloggers and other web users all competing to be seen, WordPress has become a tool that gives the edge and helps to increase visibility. But a tool is no good if one is not able to maximise the potential of it. WordPress Bible helps bloggers and web developers to unleash the full potential of this very dynamic and powerful software.

Books that Complement

Professional WordPress by Hal Stern has complementary material that users of WordPress Bible may find beneficial.

Users may also wish to explore the tips offered in Janet Majure’s Teach Yourself VISUALLY WordPress.


Aaron Brazell’s knowledge of WordPress is extensive and began with the initial introduction of the software. He is a WordPress expert who has worked on a number of large-scale WordPress installations and has responsibility for directing and developing a WordPress premium platform for customers. He maintains Technosailor.com, which is a business and technology blog. The Tech editor Mark Jaquith, is one of the lead developers of WordPress. He has wide-ranging experience with WordPress and has written several popular plugins and contributed numerous patches to the core WordPress engine. He is also an independent web services consultant.

$27.04 for the Book edition and $25.69 for the Kindle edition


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