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the simple guide to pm book coverThe Simple Guide to Project Management: How to Be an Effective Project Manager in Commercial Construction is a book that provides knowledge, techniques and tools for a project manager to be truly effective in leading, handling, and delivering construction projects. It aims to correct a wrong notion that the project manager is just another valueless layer between construction professionals and the owner. This guide is a product of all the author’s accumulated career knowledge and experience pared down to just the right amount of text to help both those just starting out and those who are seasoned professionals.

Book Details

This first edition paperback was published by mexsig, Inc. It contains 220 pages and about 0.5 inch thick. The front cover shows the title at the top, the subtitle below it and slightly to the right, with the author’s name at the bottom part of the book. The background shows a photo of several construction cranes in front of an orange-hued sky from either a rising or setting sun. ISBN-10: 0993938108; ISBN-13: 978-0993938108


$29.95 for the paperback, unabridged edition and $11.99 for the Kindle edition






Target Audience

The Simple Guide to Project Management is for project managers in the construction field. It is valuable for both beginning and veteran construction project managers. It can also be useful to other key players such as the owner, the design professional, and the contractor, so they can understand and work better with project managers.

What Customers Say

Since the book has just been published, no customer review has been written yet on the Amazon page. However, this is genuinely a great find, since most project management guides deal with the general discipline or with the IT field. Only a few PM guides have been published to contain such comprehensive tools and tips regarding the construction industry and its lifecycle.

Content, Approach, Style

The Simple Guide to Project Management is divided into four parts, namely, The Players, The Construction Process, The Toolkit, and the Summary. The book contains a total of 27 chapters in addition to a good Introduction. The first part includes four chapters that detail the different roles and responsibilities of the different players as well as the challenges the project manager faces in interacting with them. The second part describes the overall construction process lifecycle and its different stages. The third part contains eleven chapters that comprise the toolkit that will help the project manager be effective throughout the whole construction project. The last part is the summary that gives instructions on how to put all the knowledge and techniques together, how to go beyond them, the value of obtaining credentials and using technology, and other important tips.

The Guide is organized in a straight-forward way. The Introduction will give the reader a good idea of what the book is about and why it was written. Less experienced project managers will do well to read the book in the prescribed order, while seasoned professionals can choose specific topics, especially those in the third part, The Toolkit. The paragraphs are short and very readable, using understandable everyday language. Some chapters also contain figures and sample documents.

Why Buy the Book

The Simple Guide to Project Management is an important resource for those working on construction projects. It covers a wide range of essential areas that deals with important principles such as what a true project manager should be and what skillset he or she should have. It also has a good overview of the construction lifecycle and practical tips that will help project professionals be effective and valuable in their job.

Books that Complement

Oberlender’s Project Management for Engineering and Construction is an updated textbook reference used by many universities for their civil, mechanical, and structural engineering courses. It is also a reference for construction professionals.

On the other end, Project Management Lite by Craig is a simple, practical guide for those who are already (and maybe accidentally) involved in managing a project. It is for those who need the bare essentials to hit the ground running and still effectively complete what is required of them.


Sigfrido Pacheco-Vega is an experienced project manager with over 15 years of experience in the construction industry. He is currently Senior Project Manager with Altex Energy Limited in Calgary, Canada. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Universidad Iberoamericana in Leon, Mexico, and a Master of Engineering, Project and Construction Management from the University of British Columbia. Sig is a certified Professional Engineer with the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists for both the provinces of BC and Alberta. He is also an LEED Accredited Professional and a PMP whose specialty is managing medium to large construction projects in the $100 million to $1 billion-plus range throughout the whole project cycle.

$29.95 for the paperback, unabridged edition and $11.99 for the Kindle edition


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