The PRINCE2 Practitioner – A Book Review

the prince2 practitioner book coverThe PRINCE2 Practitioner: From Practitioner to Professional, Third Edition is a practical reference for the project professional who is looking for guidance in how to better apply PRINCE2 principles in a variety of project situations, contexts and sizes. Those who wish to reach the Practitioner level must be able to demonstrate their knowledge of basic principles, processes and themes. Also, they should be able to demonstrate their capability in applying these concepts on a real-time project. This reference provides an affordable alternative to expensive training.

Book Details

This 3rd edition was published in April 2015 by Routledge Publishing and reflects the PRINCE2 2009 edition. It has 312 pages and is about 0.8 inch thick. PRINCE2 Revealed 1st edition was published in 2005, and the 2nd edition in 2009. The front cover of the latest edition displays the words Third Edition at the top left, with the title in large fonts and the subtitle below it. The author’s name is at the right side of the subtitle, with a photo of professional-looking people covering the middle to bottom portion of the cover. ISBN-10: 1138824119; ISBN-13: 978-1138824119


$59.76 – $72.56 for the paperback, $119.76 for the hardcover, and $70.93 for the Kindle edition


Target Audience

The PRINCE2 Practitioner is for project professionals who wish to advance to the Practitioner level of PRINCE2 methodology. It is also for those who want to deeply understand the method and be able to tailor it to the requirements of new projects they encounter and are involved with.

What Customers Say

Emma Jones described the book as very readable and an instructive pleasure to read. With high praises to the author, she further stated that the book provides a full understanding of every element of the method and brings confidence to the reader to apply and tailor them to any project.

Content, Approach, Style

The PRINCE2 Practitioner is divided into 17 chapters and five appendices. The introduction describes what the book is about. Chapter 2 provides an overview of the method and the 7 principles it is founded on. Chapters 3 to 9 discuss the 7 themes, while Chapters 10 to 16 discuss the 7 processes. The last chapter, 17, discusses how to tailor the PM method for particular project environments. The book is organized to provide a complete description and in-depth explanation of the methodology as well as insights into areas in the official manual that need more explanation. The book is very readable, complete with figures, flowcharts, tables, bullet lists, numeric lists, topic headers, term definitions and paragraphs of readable length.

Why Buy the Book

The PRINCE2 Practitioner is a practical guide with many examples in how to apply the principles to different kinds of projects. It brings additional tools and techniques to every project manager to be able to better handle all types of projects and environments. Those who are aspiring to get to the next PRINCE2 levels, the Practitioner and Professional levels, will have an advantageous start in being able to demonstrate further their knowledge, understanding and expertise with the help of this book.

Books that Complement

PRINCE2 Study Guide by David Hinde is a well-organized material for readers who are new to this PM methodology and aspiring to take the Foundation and Practitioner exams.

Sandra Rowe’s Project Management for Small Projects is a handy reference for helping professionals manage the unique challenges in smaller projects.


Colin Bentley received his Bachelor of Science, Business Studies degree from Manchester Business School. He has been managing projects since 1966. He worked as a project manager for IBM for almost 17 years. After, he started his own company, worked as a consultant to firms such as The London Stock Exchange, Microsoft Europe and the BBC until his retirement a few years ago. Colin has been working with PRINCE2, PRINCE and its predecessor, PROMPT II since 1975. He wrote the majority part of the PRINCE2 manual and all the revisions to it until the 2009 version. He was the Chief Examiner for PRINCE2 from its beginning until 2008. He has authored over 20 books and still writes on the PRINCE2 method, updating them to reflect the 2009 version.

$59.76 – $72.56 for the paperback, $119.76 for the hardcover, and $70.93 for the Kindle edition


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