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Want to simply share your ideas about project management or a related subject? Be a guest writer. Guest writers are not paid by, however, they get to influence the project management field with their knowledge. Please share your experience. We are excited to read your independently written, unique content that touches on topics of interest concerning project management. Please follow the steps below to submit your article.

What Should I Write About?

  1. As you know, and as per the PMBOK guide, it is important for a PM to have a combination of technical, interpersonal, and conceptual skills. We think articles written about PM interpersonal skills would be interesting. Specifically, articles about Team Building, Motivation, Conflict Management, Coaching, Trust Building, Negotiation, Political and Cultural Awareness, Decision Making, Influencing.
  2. Articles can also be indirectly about your services, but you have to explain how your services can help professionals in a project management context.
  3. If you have another idea, feel free to share it with us – as long as it relates to project management.

How Do I Submit My Great Idea(s)?

  1. Contact us by email at and propose a topic. We will respond to your email ASAP.
  2. Once we have approved your topic, provide your article.
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It’s simple, but wait! Before you start, we have something very important to share with you. It will save you time and help you be that rock star writer.

Important Message From the Editor: Grammar & Ethics

**Your grammar must be excellent**. If not, your article will not be published. Do not go to all of that work for an unpublished article.

**Unethical content will NOT be published**. aims to stimulate productive conversations, via blogs, surrounding project management. That being said, will NOT accept articles, as deemed by the editor, that condone unethical PM practices.

What Does a Great Article Look Like?

Besides awesome grammar, your article must be original and purposeful. ­­­­

Our Expectations

We are looking for great quality. In order for us to publish your article, you must be able to answer “yes” to these questions below.

Ask yourself:

  1. Does my article provide a clear point? Is there a clear goal in writing this article? Make sure your topic is not too general.
  2. Have I precisely explained the importance of my article?
  3. Will the reader gain valuable information after they have read my article?
  4. Did I put evidence in my article to support the information I’m sharing? Statistics, a reference from a reliable source, examples.
  5. Is my writing clear and concise? Besides having impeccable grammar, does your article have great flow, interesting content, and is it easy to understand – not too much jargon? ­­­
  6. Does my article have original content – new information that does not already exist on the web? It must be unique, not a copy of a blog post and not a copy of your website.  All articles that are coming from you must pass several plagiarism tests like

The Skeleton of your Article

  • Length: At least 600 words, ideally 700+ words
  • Format: Google Docs or Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx).
  • Links: We accept external links, 1 to 3, to high ranking websites that are credible sources, and relate to your article’s topic. We do not accept links on keywords, your client’s site, etc.
  • Image: At least 1 image that represents your article .jpeg or .png format
  • Video: A Youtube video that reinforces the article’s topic

Tell us About Your Fabulous Self – You Must Submit an Author Bio and Personal Photo

  • Author biography: max 250 characters with 1 hyperlink allowed.
  • Personal photo: not a company or product logo.

Final Steps

Once we have approved everything, your masterpiece, article photo, author bio, and author photo: we’ll publish your article on our website.

To reap the benefits of your recently published article, publish it to your website and social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Not to worry! We will email you the link to do so.

So, without further ado let us know what you know!