Sample Exam Questions: PMI Project Management Professional – A Book Review

pmi sample exam questionSample Exam Questions: PMI Project Management Professional is the fifth edition of the series, and it is based on the latest PM Book of Knowledge which is also in its fifth edition. It contains more than one thousand practice questions from all the knowledge areas as per the PMBOK guide, and contains 4 practice tests with solutions that simulate the actual certification exam. It also has 2 Quick Review Questions sections which are a metric for the candidates to see whether they are ready to take the sample tests or not.

Book Details

The 5th edition of this book was published recently, in January, 2014 by Agilitek Corporation. It has 376 pages, and it is about 0.8-inch thick. The front cover of the book is very illustrative and meaningful, and anyone looking at it can easily derive the purpose and usefulness of the book. The cover demonstrates a teacher providing instructions, along with the text ‘1000+ Practise Questions and Solutions’.


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Target Audience

Sample Exam Questions: PMI Project Management Professional is targeted at all individuals who wish to appear for the PMP certification exam. It is also targeted at teachers who conduct courses in order to prepare candidates for the PMP certification exam.

What Customers Say

Colleen McAllister, who is a PMP certified exam trainer, uses this book for all her classes. She finds the book extremely effective, and according to her, with the help of it the candidates are able to clear the certification exam in the very first attempt as well.

Breck’s Kindle (Amazon) has also given a five-star rating to this book and says that it is very lucidly written, and ensures a very high success rate for all the candidates targeting PMP certification exam.

Content, Approach, Style

Sample Exam Questions: PMI Project Management Professional contains 4 practice tests which simulate the actual certification exam quite appropriately. It has all types of questions, like true or false, fill in the blanks, match the columns, and all these questions are presented according to their respective topic allocations prescribed by the Project Management Institute (PMI) which also conducts the PMP certification exam. All these practice papers come with a detailed and highly explanatory answer sheets as well, that enables the candidates not just to verify their answers, but also understand the correct reason behind that answer. This gets really useful in clarifying certain difficult to understand concepts. Additionally, this book also provides two sets of Quick Review Questions which is recommended to be taken before the candidates attempt the practice tests. It basically enables the candidates to check their preparedness for taking the practice tests, as the practice tests are useful only when the candidate has a certain level of preparation.

Why Buy the Book

The book is released by the Project Management Institute (PMI) which also conducts the PMP certification exam. It adds a great level of credibility to the questions, and gives an insight into the difficulty and expectation level of the exam.

Books that Complement

The 5th edition of Guide to the PM Body of Knowledge by PMI is a great reference for this book.

Project Management Absolute Beginner’s Guide by Greg Horine is another brilliant complementary book as it provides a simple and easy to understand explanation for the whole process cycle.


John A. Estrella, Charles Duncan, Sami Zahran, and Rubin Jen are all PMP certified professionals, and have a rich industry experience in the fields of management. They have authored the older versions of this book as well.

$44.96 for the book edition


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