Project Workflow Management – A Book Review

workflow-mgmt-logoProject Workflow Management: A Business Process Approach provides practitioners with some tools to change the game. Organizations are constantly adjusting the way they operate in every aspect of their business because the benefits of the culture of continuous improvement are many. Project Managers on a whole are constantly seeking to improve their skills, and by extension, how they get things done. The book takes a new look at Project Management, and provides the necessary guidance and knowledge for informed decision making and easy implementation using proper workflow management.

Book Details

Project Workflow Management: A Business Process Approach, was published on November 7, 2013 by J. Ross Publishing. The book is published in English and consists of 352 pages. It is 1 inch thick with a shipping weight of 1.7 pounds. The front cover design has as its background a picture of very blues skies covering a rocky mountain range with a deep valley that has a river flowing through it. The book title and authors’ names are printed across the cover in large white font.


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Target Audience

Experienced Project Managers and Business Leaders will find that this book provides new insight and ideas to improve their business processes. It is also good resource material for those who study or teach Project Management. While it provides very practical and useful information for Project Management practitioners in particular, it is also written with enough clarity to make it an easy read for anyone who just has an interest in this area of study.

What Customers Say

C. Hefferon (Amazon) calls the book a ‘must read’ for all Project Managers as it presents a paradigm shift to a thought process that is workable and more realistic.

Shai Davidov (Amazon) says it provides clear guidance on which processes to use and how to implement them.

Marin (Amazon) describes the book as revolutionary adding that it offers an opportunity to eliminate mistakes and improve the quality of all projects.

Content, Approach, Style

Project Workflow Management is geared towards the success of projects. At the basic level it provides descriptions of the various methods and techniques that will help readers to manage projects from the initial stages to the final stages where they deliver a complete product or service. In addition to providing the basic knowledge, it serves as a guide prompting and giving the instructions that are necessary through every step of the project life-cycle. It also facilitates qualitative assessments of the outcomes on a constant basis.

Through the use of process diagrams, the book gives readers a clear understanding of Project Management business processes and their flows. All this is aimed at equipping organizations to implement Project Management processes with relative ease. The tips and techniques shared are also useful in an effort to minimize costs and ensure product quality. An added feature of the book is it Web Added Value (WAV) resources which offers various tools for performing a number of analyses and assessments.

Why Buy the Book

Clear visuals and realistic ideas are two of the strong points for this book. Users are able to get clear guidance and ideas that they can implement in their day to day activities as Project Management professionals. The information is useful for those who want to improve their performance through the use of a new approach. Project Workflow Management takes Project Management to whole different level.

Books that Complement

Readers who wish to further hone their skills may find useful information in The Software Project Management Bridge to Agility by Michele Sliger and Stacia Broderick.

Coaching Agile Teams: A Companion for Scrum Masters by Lyssa Adkins will also assist in balancing the ideas shared in Project Workflow Management: A Business Process Approach


Dan Epstein has extensive experience in the field of Project Management. Along with working for several major US and Canadian corporations, he has taught Project Management and several software engineering subjects to university students. He is an expert in this area and has managed a number of complex interdependent projects globally. He is a highly certified project manager, educator and published author.

Co-Author Rich Maltzman, PMP, has published numerous books and articles that are Project Management related. He has also provided career guidance and training for Project Managers across the globe. Having received certification from a number of recognized institutions, he has spent time teaching and providing consultation for other practitioners. In 2011 he won the PMI Cleland Award for literature as co-author of the book titled Green Project Management.

$78.36 for the book edition


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