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project management for engineering and construction book coverProject Management for Engineering and Construction, Third Edition is the fully updated project management resource for civil engineers and other professionals in the construction industry. It updates the year 2000 second edition which helped readers focus on applying project management at the very beginning of the project when it was approved. This third edition presents the PM principles and techniques from the initial conceptual phase, through the rest of the phases of design and construction, and up to completion of engineering and construction projects. It also includes several new sections and a new chapter on risk management.

Book Details

This hardcover edition was recently published on June 23, 2014 by McGraw-Hill Professional publishing. It has 448 pages and is about 1.1 inches thick. The front cover shows the name of the author at the top part, the title of the book at the middle part and the red logo of the publisher at the bottom right on a bluish background of a photo of buildings under construction. ISBN-10: 0071822313; ISBN-13: 978-0071822312


$89.98 for the book edition and $87.48 for the Kindle edition


Target Audience

Project Management for Engineering and Construction is for students of university programs in these particular courses. It is also for civil, structural, and mechanical engineers as well as other construction professionals who may aid the project sponsor or owner in the feasibility study, design effort, and monitoring of the actual construction in the field.

What Customers Say

The latest edition was published only a month ago, but previous editions have received high ratings from readers who were mostly students. The first and second editions have received 5-star (highest) ratings from Goodreads and Amazon readers.

Ceren Bacinoglu stated that she liked reading the book which gave great professional tips. She believed that she would be using it a lot as a reference in her career.

Content, Approach, Style

Project Management for Engineering and Construction is divided into 14 chapters. The book follows seven steps in managing a project, from project definition to close out. The chapters describe the detailed steps with topics that cover the overlap between steps, the responsibilities of multiple parties involved in them, and the integration needed to successfully manage the project. The texts are presented in paragraphs of readable length. Headings are used to segregate topics and figures help show ideas and topics.

Chapter 1, Introduction, discusses the general principles for each of the steps. Chapter 2, Working with Teams, discusses the nature of the project team and the leadership qualities needed by the project manager for a successful outcome. Chapter 3, Project Initiation, discusses the activities in this phase such as a feasibility study. The involvement of the project manager is emphasized at this stage to help establish the scope. The other chapters include Early Estimates, Project Budgeting, and Development of Work Plan, among others. A new section in this third edition is Chapter 14, Risk Management.

Why Buy the Book

Project Management for Engineering and Construction is a unique project management reference for those in the construction and engineering fields because of its emphasis in applying PM principles and techniques in a project’s early stages of development, during the study and design phase. Other books discuss PM during the construction phase, where the scope is already defined, budget has been fixed, and the completion date has been set. Therefore, any significant adjustments to improve schedule, cost and quality may already be too late at this stage.

Books that Complement

Strategies for Project Sponsorship is another unique PM book that discusses the importance of sponsorship from three different perspectives, including that of the project manager.

Robert James Chapman’s The Rules of Project Risk Management provides a comprehensive discussion of risk management principles and practical steps that can complement the single chapter discussion in Gary Oberlender’s book.


Garold Oberlender, PhD, has over 30 years of experience as a consultant in construction engineering and project management. He received his doctorate in civil engineering from the University of Texas, Arlington. He is a registered engineer and a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and the National Society of Professional Engineers. He was professor and coordinator of the graduate program in construction engineering and project management at Oklahoma State University’s School of Civil Engineering. He was coauthor with Robert Puerifoy in Estimating Construction Costs.

$89.98 for the book edition and $87.48 for the Kindle edition


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