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Project Management for Education: The Bridge to 21st Century Learning is a book that attempts to answer the question of how to manage learning projects, and how to help students be more effective designers and managers of their own learning. It is a unique two-in-one book, where it addresses two audiences, depending on how you are reading the book. On one way, it is a guide for educators to learn about project success strategies that project management professionals have developed. When flipped over and read the other way, it is a guide for project managers to adapt PM expertise to the learning needs of teachers and students.

Book Details

The book is about 7 in. wide, 0.6 in. thick, and 10 in. long. It ships about 1.2 pounds and contains 233 pages. It is in paperback format only. This first edition was published by the Project Management Institute in December 2017, in the English language. ISBN-10: 1628254572; ISBN-13: 978-1628254570


$24.95 for the paperback version

Target Audience

Project Management for Education is for two audiences. It is for educators who can learn project management and use these methods to help their students. It is also for project managers who can learn how to use their expertise in the field of education.

What Customers Say

Tom Vander Ark described the book as an engaging book that discusses a rigorous approach to project-based learning. He also stated that it is an important book that shows how project management, as a core career skill, is the best approach to learning how to learn.

Content, Approach, Style

Content: Project Management for Education has 233 pages. However, it is actually two books that end or meet at the center, symbolically showing how the two aims to move toward the same goal. One is the Project Learning Guide for Educators, where project success strategies are introduced in an education-friendly version. The other is the Project Learning Guide for Project Managers, where a roadmap shows how project methods can be brought to the education industry, to help both teachers and students.

Approach/Tone: The authors addresses two audiences, each from one end of the book, going to the center. They also show that the project cycle, such as the Define, Plan, Do, process, is actually a learning process that students can use to be life-long learners.

Style: The book uses language that can be understood easily. It also uses many types of visual aids, such as tables and charts, for easier reading.

Why Buy the Book

Project Management for Education is a valuable book that tackles two industries at once. Project management professionals in the education field can better understand the needs of the customers (teachers and students), while educators can have an understanding of how project management can help address modern teaching and learning issues.


Walter Ginevri is a managing partner of a Milan, Italy-based project management consulting company. His experience and specialty is in executive coaching, project advisory, and master training. Walter’s clients belong to various sectors including finance, manufacturing, fashion, IT and European institutions. He is also a member of the board of directors of the PMI Educational Foundation. The PMIEF is a charitable arm of the PMI that focuses on empowering and equipping others through opportunities that can leverage project management to create change for the greater good.

Bernie Trilling is the founder and CEO of 21st Century Learning Advisors. He is a learning expert and author. He has developed pioneering educational programs and services. Bernie is an active member of various organizations dedicated to bringing to students and teachers effective modern learning methods. He also served as the former senior director of Oracle Education Foundation. Prior to joining Oracle, he was the director of Technology in Education group at WestEd. As board member of P21, he co-chaired the committee that developed the rainbow framework. He has been conducting research as part of the Hewlett Foundation’s Deeper Learning Initiative. Bernie’s other books include 21st Century Skills and Four-Dimensional Education.

$24.95 for the paperback version

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