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prince2 agile book coverPRINCE2, or PRojects IN Controlled Environments, is a globally adopted project management method that helps avoid project failure, reduce waste, increase productivity and boost efficiency. It complements other popular approaches such as PMI and IPMA, and recently, agile delivery as well. A new PRINCE2 and agile extension module was launched early this year to help organizations and individuals already using PRINCE2 have guidance on how to apply agile methods together with this PM framework. PRINCE2 Agile provides an up-to-date and relevant view on how to tailor PRINCE2 in an agile context.

Book Details

This first paperback edition was published on June 15, 2015 by The Stationery Office. It has 360 pages and is about 0.9 inch thick. The front cover displays the PRINCE2 logo at the top right area, with the word Agile below it. The title is displayed in the middle left area and the author’s logo at the bottom left. The background shows circular images in blue and violet hues. ISBN-10: 0113314671; ISBN-13: 978-0113314676


$126.59 for the paperback edition


Target Audience

PRINCE2 Agile is for individual and organization PRINCE2 practitioners who wants to go agile, who are encountering agile, and who have started practicing agile methods. The book is also valuable for program managers who will need to understand how programs, projects and agile delivery mechanism relate with one another. Those who wish to pursue PRINCE2 Agile certification when the time comes can use this as reference.

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Content, Approach, Style

PRINCE2 Agile is divided into 3 parts and 28 chapters. The first part contains 6 chapters that provide introduction and overview of PRINCE2 and agile in general, as well as the fundamental concepts that brought about PRINCE2 Agile. The second part contains Chapters 7 to 23. These provide detailed information of how PRINCE2 Agile tailors the PM principles, themes, processes, products and roles. They discuss what considerations should be made when using agile, and what behaviors and techniques should be applied at any point. The third part is covered by Chapters 24 to 28 and provides detailed guidance on areas where focus is necessary, such as assessing the agile environment, defining and prioritizing requirements, among others. Discussion of specific techniques such as good communications, frequent releases and the creation of contracts are also covered.

The book is organized in such as way that concepts are defined first in the early parts. Since the book discusses a combination of two concepts, explanation on where and when it is practical and not practical are covered early also. Differences are thoroughly explained, such as that of a project and of routine operations or ‘business as usual’ (BAU). The book uses section separators, topic headers, tables, figures, special icons, attention markers, comparisons, lists, short paragraphs, definitions and clear sentences that help the reader understand the content easily.

Why Buy the Book

PRINCE2 and agile methods are both powerful and widely adopted best practices that can complement each other. PRINCE2 Agile provides valuable guidance on how the two interact and how each should be adapted to correctly accommodate each other. It provides the reader knowledge and techniques to optimize project direction, management and delivery using a combined, mutually supportive solution.

Books that Complement

An Introduction to PRINCE2 by the OGC/AXELOS is an excellent guide that covers the latest edition of this PM methodology.

Charles Cobb’s The Project Manager’s Guide to Mastering Agile is an essential reference for project managers to gain the needed knowledge, understanding and tools that will equip them to take from the best of both the traditional and agile PM worlds and develop their own adaptive approach that fits a specific situation.


AXELOS is a joint venture company created by the Cabinet Office of the UK Government and Capita Plc, an international BPO and professional services company. AXELOS was founded in 2013, with headquarters in London under Peter Hepworth, CEO. The company aims to help businesses and individuals become successful and globally competitive. It supports best practice communities by looking for innovative new solutions to improve approaches and processes, as well as promoting and advocating quality training. Its portfolio include PRINCE2 for project management, MSP for managing successful programmes, MoP for management of portfolios and many others.

$126.59 for the paperback edition


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