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PMP Exam Master Prep ebook is designed to help the reader pass the PMP or CAPM certification exams. It is a unique training manual aligned to, and great reference companion with the PMBOK Sixth Edition. It has many real-world case studies that will help the PMP aspirant strengthen their test-taking skills. It also has over 100 important concepts called Master Points explained with clear simple terms that are easy to take in. The ebook provides great technique for answering EVM questions, and 200 sample PMP exam questions for practice.

Book Details

The ebook in PDF format is about 450+ pages, or about 5.3MB in file size. It is published by Lean Sigma Corporation in 2018 in the English language. ISBN: 978-0-9963406-5-6


$39.90 for the ebook in PDF format

Target Audience

PMP Exam Master Prep is for PMP and CAPM certification exam takers. It is ideal for project managers, associate/assistant managers in projects, team leaders, project executives, project engineers, software developers, or any professional aspiring to be a project manager. It is also a great reference for its unique approach in discussing the 5 process groups.

What Customers Say

Melissa Ashcraft stated that she was searching for a PMP prep book for a long time. Having benefited from a Master of Project Academy certification training, she was very happy to see the Academy offering the PMP Exam Master Prep book.

Christopher Hansen stated that the sample questions found in the book also made the PMP training course a lot easier. He is able to test his understanding with the sample questions. The case studies also balanced out the theories.

Diana Ferguson highly recommends PMP Exam Master Prep for its excellent case studies and practical examples.

Content, Approach, Style

Content:PMP Exam Master Prep has 470 pages. It is divided in 10 major sections, which are the introduction to the book, the PMP and CAPM exam overview, the PMBOK Guide overview, project management overview, initiating process group, planning process group, executing process group, monitoring and controlling process group, closing process group, and the simulated exam. Within these chapters are 25 case studies, case study questions, 175 Master Points, and 200 sample exam questions. A free demo sample of the book is available here.

Approach/Tone: The author has a unique approach of presenting the training material like a normal project. It teaches according to the order of process groups, not by knowledge areas. Grouping project activities to methodically achieve project objectives helps the reader grasp the purpose and intent of each process and its outputs. Thus, they understand not only the ‘how’ of every process, but also the ‘why.’

Style: The book is organized with proper headings that show the summary, objectives, key outputs, key inputs, tools and techniques, using concise sentences in bulleted lists. Paragraphs are of readable length, with adequate use of tables, images, and charts. The Master Points provide an important reminder of key concepts, while the case studies give a real-world narrative that further explain the concepts in practical applications.

Why Buy the Book

PMP Exam Master Prep is a uniquely designed training manual that follows the logical order of a project lifecycle. Instead of learning by knowledge areas as the PMBOK is designed, readers learn the concepts more naturally by process groups, which is based on activity rather than theory.


Scott Payne, PMP, is co-founder and Managing Partner of PM Master Prep, a PMP exam training provider based in Charlotte, NC, USA. Scott is a practicing PMP with project deployment expertise. He has about 15 years of experience in the design and deployment of Lean Six Sigma project programs in Fortune 500 companies. Among his many responsibilities are oversight of multiple concurrent project portfolios and facilitation of multiple value stream mapping and kaizen events. Scott is also a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, a Certified Scrum Master, and a Theory of Constraints Project Management Technical Expert from the AGI-Goldratt Institute.

$39.90 for the ebook in PDF format

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