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Overview Presentation

kiwili-LogoKiwili is a simple and user-friendly business management software that allows you to view and administer your business functions with commendable ease. With Kiwili, you can create multiple projects, assign tasks, track time taken on each task, generate invoices, bill your clients, and much more. Additionally, an interface that is easy on the eye, an incredibly simple sign-up process, and the ability to access all functions through a single dashboard, make Kiwili an interesting option for business owners.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Create Projects and Assign Tasks ‚Äì Kiwili allows you to create numerous projects. Within the projects, multiple tasks can be created and assigned to the designated members of the team. All this can be done from within Kiwili’s impressive dashboard.
  • Time Tracking and Billing ‚Äì As the team members work on the tasks, Kiwili tracks the time spent on each task. This time is used to bill the clients. Time is viewable by everyone, including the clients who might appreciate and acknowledge that they are being billed accurately.
  • Manage Invoices ‚Äì Invoicing is another one of Kiwili’s important features. Not only can you create an invoice using the application, but you can also deliver it to the client through the same interface. The invoice status is viewable at all times, such as ‚Äòissued’, ‚Äòdelivered’ or ‚Äòpaid’. Furthermore, recurring invoices can also be automatically issued to the client using your custom settings.
  • Report Generation ‚Äì A report can be generated to summarize results in a single file. Kiwili allows for creation of detailed and in-depth reports with custom fields selected by the user. Automatic reports can be generated monthly, quarterly, yearly or for any other duration. You can create a report to satisfy your every need.


Kiwili has several pricing options. Remarkably, the application can be used for free, but with limited features. The free version allows, at maximum, 1 user, 3 clients and 3 projects. Other versions include ‚ÄòSolo’, ‚ÄòTeam’, and ‚ÄòEnterprise’. The ‚ÄòSolo’ version allows 1 user, whereas the ‚ÄòTeam’ version allows 5 users, and both permit unlimited clients and projects. The ‚ÄòEnterprise’ version is for larger organizations, and allows up to 50 users.


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Target Market

Kiwili is generally developed for individuals or relatively smaller businesses. It comes with a free version which makes it possible for individuals to use it for business purposes. The paid version can be used by small businesses with as many as 50 users. Hence, Kiwili is an all-in-one business management solution for individuals and owners of small businesses.

Supported Languages

At this moment, Kiwili can be used in English and French.

Some of their Clients

Clients include Services Linguistiques, Canvious, and JiveStudio.


Annie Talbot of Services Linguistiques was very impressed by the ease-of-use of Kiwili. The ability to manage accounts by project caught her attention the most. Additionally, she loved the beautiful interface, slick design and customizability of application. Gregory Whiteside of Canvious appreciated the customer support of Kiwili, and that the application was available in French. He was satisfied as Kiwili met all of his expectations. Sophie Daher of JiveStudio was impressed with the time-tracking and payroll features as it saved her a lot of time. Furthermore, the invoice and expense management, along with the freedom of keeping no copies of documents, proved wonderful for her.

Why Kiwili

Kiwili’s free version is a major attraction for individuals and self-employed people. This is a huge factor, which sets it apart from its competitors, most of which do not offer a free version. Kiwili’s simplicity and ease-of-use caught the eye of potential users, along with an interface that was easy on the eye. Moreover, Kiwili’s ability to provide access to features such as invoice generation and time tracking from a common dashboard was a major hit too.

Company Info

Kiwili is a company based in Montreal, Canada. The founder and driving force behind Kiwili is their CEO Nadir Aboura, who is the president of a web and application development organization in Montreal, known as Onyris. The vision of Mr. Aboura is to fulfill the needs of small businesses and help them become more profitable.

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