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business-analysis-logoBusiness Analysis for Dummies is an easy to read, step-by-step guide for people who find they need to carry out a business analysis during their usual business activities. It covers the general principles and techniques of business analysis while providing guidance through the use of very practical examples. In the planning process users will find tools and tips to help them analyse their business activities, identify problems/opportunities and define what successful solutions should look like. It is reference material for those who wish to hone their skills in carrying out business analyses.

Book Details

Publishers – For Dummies, published this first edition of ‘Business Analysis for Dummies’ on July 22, 2013. It has 384 pages and is available in both Kindle and paperback editions. Shipping weight is 1.2 pounds while it is 0.9 inch thick. It is published in English and the front cover has the very familiar ‘For Dummies’ yellow and black trademark design, along with blue trimmings.


$20.07 for the book edition or $14.09 for the Kindle edition


Target Audience

Business Analysis for Dummies is suitable for anyone who wishes to improve their skills in conducting useful business analyses. Persons who are new to the field of business analysis as well as professional Business Analysts will find this book to be very helpful. It may also be used by Project Managers as a guide for analysing some situations in order to make better decisions.

What Customers Say

Many satisfied users have expressed their appreciation for the book including Kristen Bogren (Amazon) who said she found it to be a great companion guide to the concepts she had just covered in her project management certification program.

Brian R. (Amazon), a Project Manager who has to take on a Business Analyst role unexpectedly on some projects described Business Analysis for Dummies as a valuable tool which assists him in a number of different areas of his management duties.

Rosalyn H. Russell (Amazon) found it to be an engaging and easy to read book, from which, both new and experienced Business Analysts can gather ideas.

Content, Approach, Style

While it contains very useful material for dealing with complex business activities, Business Analysis for Dummies contains simple and easy to use information. It covers the fundamentals of business analysis and provides practical information which may be used by professionals in various organizational roles. The first section answers the essential ‘what, why and who’ questions. After starting at basics by defining business analysis, the book looks at why it is necessary and for whom/when it is useful.

The fundamentals are followed by tools and techniques which readers may use to identify opportunities/problems and also the necessary tips on how to formulate a plan for successfully solving problems or exploiting opportunities. This is considered a somewhat comprehensive tool belt for Business Analysts, equipping them to get the analysis properly done. The book then goes on to offer tips on how analysts can get buy-in for their proposals using cost/benefit analysis techniques. Finally it provides a guide on how to execute the plan for a successful outcomes. The examples that are included in the book share the techniques used by real professionals.

Why Buy the Book

Business analysis is an integral tool in today’s project driven environment and it is a useful skill for professionals in many different fields. Business Analysis for Dummies is an affordable and comprehensive reference tool for both professional business analysts and persons who just find themselves in a place where they must conduct a business analysis. It is handy and practical with easily understood language and techniques. The use of examples from real business analysis situations makes the recommendations tried, tested, and less risky for new analysts.

Books that Complement

Project Management for Dummies which is authored by Stanley E. Portny, contains material which are complementary to those in Business Analysis for Dummies.

Business Analysts’ Mentor Book by Emrah Yayici also has content which may enhance the experience of users of this book.


The authors of Business Analysis for Dummies are all very experienced analysts with years of training and practice in the field. Paul Mulvey, CBAP, Director, Client Solutions, B2T Training, has more than 18 years of experience in the area of business analysis, while Kate McGoey, Director, Client Solutions, B2T Training, has a strong background in application development and life cycle processes business. She has been an expert in this field for over 20 years. Kupe Kupersmith, CBAP, President of B2T Training, who mentors business analysis professionals has worked in the software systems development industry for more than 14 years.

$20.07 for the book edition or $14.09 for the Kindle edition


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