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breakthrough business analysis book coverBreakthrough Business Analysis: Implementing and Sustaining a Value-Based Practice presents a new framework that helps business analysts face today’s challenges. In recent years, the world, economy, technology, and business landscape have undergone rapid, unpredictable and unprecedented change. Many BA professionals have been struggling to promote, standardize and improve the implementation of their practice and profession. This book provides an in-depth analysis of the challenges and proposes an approach that paves the way for a disciplined and value-creating practice that will help business analysts become future-proof.

Book Details

This paperback edition was published in November 2014 by Management Concepts Press. It has 280 pages and about 0.9 inch thick. The front cover shows the title in large red fonts at the top, with the smaller subtitle below it. Still below it is the author’s name, which is on top of a digital image of a road and arrow breaking through a brick wall. ISBN-10: 1567264646; ISBN-13: 978-1567264647


$42.23 for the paperback edition and $17.88 for the Kindle edition


Target Audience

Breakthrough Business Analysis is for business analysts of all levels in organizations of all sizes and in different industries. The book is also valuable for project managers, team leaders, system analysts and others involved in projects.

What Customers Say

Roxanne Miller stated that this book can help business analysts and BA leads succeed in a solution-focused environment. It is a reference complete with shared experiences that will definitely benefit the readers.

Content, Approach, Style

Breakthrough Business Analysis is divided into an introduction and three parts that contain a total of 11 chapters. It also has a section about the future of business analysts, a case study, and two appendices. The introduction presents the value-based BA practice framework, the 21st century challenges that it addresses, the practices, and emerging views. The three parts discuss the framework, with the first part’s topic of readiness. It contains two chapters that pose the question of the readiness of an organization and the readiness of the individual as a practice lead.

Part II contains three chapters that focus on implementation, discuss the need for a BA Center of Excellence, a capable BA team, and an assessment of current state and a need to close the gaps. Part III contains six chapters that discuss sustainability, detailing how to run the BA practice, measuring its effectiveness, focusing on innovation, and more. On the whole, the book is well organized that takes the reader from challenge, concept, framework up to the step-by-step process and procedure to assess, create, implement and sustain the proposed BA practice. The chapters, sections and topics are well divided with titles and headers. It uses bullets and figures for visual aid. The language used has BA terminologies that are defined and explained.

Why Buy the Book

The challenge of today’s integrated economy, advanced technology, information explosion, outdated business view of BA and other factors are resulting in business analysts being regarded simply as documenters. Breakthrough Business Analysis proposes a framework that shows the BA practice as adding value to the enterprise and strategy, and business analysts as visionaries, innovators and change leaders.

Books that Complement

A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge, Second Edition, by Kevin Brennan is the reference for BA professional knowledge and a required text for those contemplating to take certification exams.

Susan Weese’s CBAP/CCBA Certified Business Analysis Study Guide is an important resource covering principles, discussions and examples to help professionals study and pass the certification exams.


Kathleen Haas is the principal of KH & Associates, a consulting firm that specializes in managing complex projects, portfolio management implementation, Project Office and BA Center of Excellence creation, PM and BA assessment, training, mentoring, requirements engineering, IT applications development and technology deployment. Kathleen has over two decades of experience in PM and BA, involved with managing projects in different industries as well as the federal government. She is a presenter at conferences, lecturer, contributor and author of several books including Managing Complex Projects published in 2008 which received the PMI’s Cleland Award.

$42.23 for the paperback edition and $17.88 for the Kindle edition


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