An Introduction to Project Management, Fifth Edition: With a Brief Guide to Microsoft Project 2013 – A Book Review

an-introduction-to-pm-5th-edProject management has gone way beyond the defense and construction industries, now present in almost every industry. Employers today look first in new graduates skills related to PM, such as the ability to work in teams, make decisions, solve problems, and plan. An Introduction to Project Management, Fifth Edition: With a Brief Guide to Microsoft Project 2013 offers readers a general and concise introduction to the discipline of project management. It is a great reference that provides definitions, discussion on the different phases, examples, and more.

Book Details

The paperback edition is 7.4 x 1.2 x 9.7 inches, with a shipping weight of 2.5 pounds. It has 522 pages divided in 10 chapters, 3 appendices, a glossary and index. It is also available in Kindle format. This 5th edition was published on May 29, 2015 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. It is available in English. ISBN-10: 150521209X; ISBN-13: 978-1505212099.


$76.11 for the paperback version and $49.99 for the Kindle version


Target Audience

An Introduction to Project Management is ideal for students taking project management courses, new graduates, and professionals transferring to or given new responsibilities involving project management. It is also for teachers of this subject, trainers, and seasoned PM professionals who give references to their students, clients, and co-workers. Therefore, students, teachers, trainers, recent and veteran project managers can get the most benefit in reading this book. Those reviewing for PMP certification can also use this as reference since it is aligned with the PMBOK.

What Customers Say

B. Wolinsky (Amazon) stated that the book sets clear definitions of the different aspects of project management. Accordingly, it becomes clear to the reader that each member is a stakeholder with responsibilities. How they meet these responsibilities affect the project’s success.

Julie E. (Amazon) described the book as one of the best she has used in teaching an introductory course in project management. It is flexible enough for her to use with undergrad and graduate classes, and for face-to-face and online classes. Overall, she described it as comprehensive, easy to read, includes templates, quizzes, games, and an affordable price.

Olga R. (Amazon) stated that the content of the book is very interesting. However, the Kindle edition has no page number that makes it hard to locate referenced pages. It only shows the location number.

Content, Approach, Style

Content: An Introduction to Project Management provides clear definition and attributes of not only project management, but also program and portfolio management. It also shows the 5 different phases, and provides discussion of each phase, from initiating to closing. The book also recommends best practices, and introduces modern tools such as Microsoft Project and Basecamp.
Approach/Tone: The book is organized like a textbook, with learning objectives stated at the start of each chapter, and a summary, and quizzes at the end. In fact, the reader is provided with significant factual data about the importance and relevance of each topic discussed.
Style: It is easy to read, in short paragraphs and bullet points. Real-life cases helps reinforce the discussion. Visual aids such as boxed content, graphics, tables, charts and snapshots all makes it easier and interesting to read. Also, the book defines special PM terms and keywords for better understanding.

Why Buy the Book

An Introduction to Project Management, Fifth Edition is a comprehensive guide for readers new to the field of PM. It provides a strong basic understanding that will help students and new professionals to advance in their chosen career. Hence, they can get a good foundation of the general principles enough to help them specialize or simply hit the ground running with a higher chance for project success. The book can guide teachers, trainers and senior professionals on where to focus to help their students, clients or co-workers in introducing the subject and profession. The inclusion of guides in using modern tools such as Microsoft Project 2013 and Basecamp makes the book more valuable for today’s work environment.


Kathy Schwalbe, Ph D, PMP is a retired Professor at Augsburg College in Minneapolis. She earned her BS in Mathematics at the University of Notre Dame, her MBA at Northeastern University, and her Ph D at the University of Minnesota. Kathy worked in the industry for 10 years, first as a project manager with the US Air Force. In addition, she is an active member of the PMI, and serves in various capacities for the Minnesota Chapter. She entered the academia in 1991, and authored several books including Healthcare Project Management, Information Technology Project Management and others. Connect with Kathy via LinkedIn or visit her website.

$76.11 for the paperback version and $49.99 for the Kindle version


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