Agile Project Management for Dummies – A Book Review

agile project management for dummies book coverAgile Project Management for Dummies is a clear, step-by-step guide that introduces agile approaches, tools, and techniques. The book explains to the readers how to apply a PM style that can keep up with fast-paced technology and market requirements and still produce products quickly. It is a practical reference that provides not only theories but also practical suggestions on how to apply agile principles and when to apply it while avoiding possible problems.

Book Details

This first edition comes in paperback, almost one-inch thick. It has 360 pages and was published in April 2012 under the For Dummies brand of Wiley Publishing. The front cover looks like other books of the same series, with the familiar black and yellow theme. The back cover contains more descriptions of the content and benefits of using agile project management. ISBN-10: 1118026241; ISBN-13: 978-1118026243.


$17.61 for the book edition and $18.49 for the Kindle edition


Target Audience

Agile Project Management for Dummies is meant for every project manager, project team member, or project stakeholder. In other words, it is for any regular person who has been, is presently, or will be involved in projects, traditional or agile, in a business or organizational setting. It will be valuable for those who are interested to know more about agile practices and methodologies with the intention of applying it to realize its promoted benefits.

What Customers Say

AnnaKK (Amazon) described it as an easy read, being able to read most of it just one day after she bought the book. The discussions about agile and Scrum approaches as well as the comparisons with the Waterfall model were very helpful.

Eddie (Goodreads) who has knowledge and experience with traditional project methodology for software development felt more confident and ready to tackle in-depth agile PM topics after reading it. He also differentiated it with the other more basic books of the series, and complimented it for giving the reader a more solid foundation.

A B&N customer highly recommends it to project managers, professional consultants and business leaders. He praised the author for a comprehensive coverage and an orderly format.

Content, Approach, Style

Agile Project Management for Dummies is divided in six parts with a total of 20 chapters. The first part introduces agile PM for a better understanding of the reader. The second part describes the effects of following agile practices while the third part shows the reader how to work on an agile project. The fourth part provides the reader practical knowledge in managing different PM areas using an agile approach. The fifth part has discussions on how to ensure success while the sixth part gives more information on agile benefits, metrics, and resources.

The book is much more than a textbook about agile methodology and is written to be a practical workbook or field manual. Readers are able to understand the concepts and apply it easily to everyday situations. Terms are clearly defined. Each chapter is started with a short summary of what will be discussed. Occasional images and icons are used. Helpful graphs and charts are also included. Overall reading experience by people who gave a review is unanimously pleasant.

Why Buy the Book

Agile Project Management is an affordable book that gives more than just an introduction about a very popular business management technique. According to the author, agile PM is now being applied to more and more industries and functions such as infrastructure, finance, and even recruitment, aside from software development. Learning about this flexible framework gives people the ability to apply it to their specific domain knowledge and come up quickly with a solution that really works.

Books that Complement

Scrum is a popular agile process and Essential Scrum by Kenneth Rubin is usually bought by many after learning about agile PM. This book explains in detail what Scrum principles and practices are.

Another great PM introductory book is The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management by Eric Verzuh. It has more than 500 pages of discussion covering all the performance domains and process groups.


Mark Layton is a veteran project/program manager with 20 years of experience and recognized as an expert by the industry. He has MBA degrees from UCLA and the National University of Singapore. He is PMP-certified and a PMI certification instructor. He is also a Certified Scrum Trainer, a Stanford Certified Project Manager and the chairperson of the Agile Leadership Network for Los Angeles. He is the founder of Platinum Edge, a global organization offering agile PM expertise to top companies and mentoring services to professionals.

$17.61 for the book edition and $18.49 for the Kindle edition


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