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Quick Base

Quick Base is a web database applications builder for custom applications. Users can create apps with zero to minimal coding. Apps created in the platform can be used for any kind of business solution, such as for project management, CRM, inventory, and others. More than just a repository of information, its database tables are interconnected and related, enabling individuals and teams to display information needed, add and update records, generate customized reports, and design workflows that support and automate their unique business process.


Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Process and Project ManagementQuick Base can be used to build apps for process management. Business process management apps created in the platform can improve teamwork by allowing them to collaborate. User permissions and mobile apps can help teams work together whenever and wherever they want. It has tools to optimize and automate key business processes, through notifications, subscriptions, and triggered alerts. Online project management software brings teams, tasks, and processes together within a secure, integrated workspace. Users can quickly share data and ideas, create online to-do lists, track changes, and use email reports, timelines, and calendars to keep everyone updated. It provides real-time insight as progress of projects are delivered instantly through its different tools that promote visibility.
  • Financial, CRM and Sales Management – The web database application builder can create finance apps that collect data through forms, streamline workflow and approvals, produce real-time reports, and other process automations, so users can focus on more important tasks such as analysis and strategic planning. Stakeholders can have on-demand visibility into financial performance data, with interactive reports and powerful filtering, grouping, and sorting capabilities. Teams can have a fully customizable sales CRM software in the cloud. They can track leads and update statuses in one central database. Customized software can actively motivate the team by highlighting pending tasks, setting automated alerts, reminders, and notifications, and seeing the results in real time. They can also create dashboards to share with agents, managers, partners, or executives.
  • IT Management, Marketing, Customer Service, HR, and more – Quick Base solutions can help IT resolve issues faster by automating service management processes and managing requests in one place. Marketing teams can centralize brand assets, manage campaigns, and coordinate events easily. Customer service apps can improve support operations, and give customers excellent service and quick resolutions to their issues. Users can also engage and manage their entire workforce, from pre-hire to retirement in one system. Training management apps can include tools that schedule, track and report on employee training, licensing, and certification courses. Asset management software can help keep track of physical assets and equipment throughout their lifecycle. The platform also integrates with many popular tools through its Sync feature. It also has partners that can help companies use the platform build custom apps for them.


Quick Base offers three plans. The Premier plan is priced at $30 per user per month ($25 per user/mo billed annually). It includes for up to 20 users, 50 custom business apps, automations, optimization for mobile, and data and app integration. The plan is recommended as a starting point for growing teams. The Platform plan starts at $1920 per month, and includes for up to 100 custom business apps, all Premier features, integration with identity and access management systems, audit logs, SLA, and premier support. This plan is for businesses that need advanced security and controls. A fully customizable Enterprise plan is also offered. A 30-day free trial period is also available.

Quick Base Pricing - Premier, Platform and Enterprise.

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Target Market

Quick Base as a custom app builder is applicable to a wide range of businesses and industries. Its ability to create a variety of software solutions makes it ideal for medium to large companies in the healthcare, real estate, government, professional services, legal, technology, telecommunication, transportation, retail, and marketing sectors.

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Some of their Clients

Clients include Google, Sprint, Southwest, Columbia Sportswear, and UBM.


Anastasia Darwish stated that the organization was growing so fast, it was unrealistic to keep using Excel. But they also did not want to invest in very expensive solutions. Quick Base is the perfect solution for a growing non-profit, because it scales and grows with the organization.

Harrison Hersch stated that using the database platform’s webhooks to automate their shipping process has been transformative. They are able to deliver a high level of customer service, which gives them a big competitive advantage.

The Quick Base Book

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Why QuickBase

Quick Base is a modern and smart way for businesses of all sizes and industries to develop their tailor-fit application, improve and automate their processes, without investing in expensive, complex or rigid off-the-shelf solutions. They are able to realize savings, reduce costs, and stay or improve competitiveness by having just the right solution that owners and employees need.

Company Info

QuickBase, Inc., is a privately held software development company based in Cambridge, MA. USA. It was formerly a division of Intuit, which acquired then oneBase in 2000, and renamed it Intuit QuickBase. In 2016, Welsh, Carson, Anderson and Stowe (WCAS), a leading technology-focused private equity firm acquired Quick Base from Intuit, Inc. QuickBase, Inc. is now a stand-alone company..


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