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Ayoa Mind Map, formerly iMindMap, is online mind-mapping software that combines the best features of the iMindMap desktop software with new online features and images. As an online tool, sharing of mind maps and collaboration is easy across platforms and devices. Users can brainstorm ideas and keep track of these ideas in a visually organized way.

Ayoa Mind Map Features and Strengths

Multiple Mind Map Views

Ayoa Mind Map is a flexible tool that includes several mind map styles and views. The Speed Map gives users a structured map that enables users to lay out ideas fast, allowing the software to use standard images and spacing. The Radial Map is a pie-chart map ideal for setting goals or visualizing steps in cyclical projects.

Capture Map is a tool for brainstorming so users can transfer ideas quickly into a visual diagram as soon as they conceptualize something. Organic Map is the traditional mind-mapping view with curved branches that reflect the natural thinking process.

Freehand Draw

Freehand Draw is an innovative mind map style using the Organic Map view. Users can create branches as if they are drawing a mind map by hand. This method stimulates memory and creativity as well as makes mind mapping a fun activity. Points within the branch allow users to easily change the shape of the branch. Users can also add points to a branch. Freehand Draw enables users to express their creativity by simulating the experience of creating mind maps on a piece of paper instead of a screen.

Unlimited Sharing and Collaboration, Desktop and Mobile Apps, Image Libraries, and More

Aoya Mind Map includes collaboration features. Users can invite teammates and give them unique permissions to view or edit mind maps even if they are not Aoya users. A free user can access up to 5 boards, with access to additional boards in view-only permission. Another way to share boards to multiple people is via the public sharing function.

Ayoa Mind Map works on the web, macOS, and Windows as well as Apple’s iOS and Android devices. Users can freely download the apps. Further, they can work offline although Ayoa recommends this only for a limited time to keep online commenting and real-time updating capabilities. Other features include folders to organize mind maps, pre-made templates, file attachments of up to 20MB per file, extensive image libraries including from the web, idea bank, show/hide feature, and exporting of mind maps as image files, PDFs, or Word documents.

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Ayoa Mind Map Pricing

Ayoa Mind Map pricing is on a per user basis. Customers can opt to pay annually or month-by-month. As the number of users increase, the rate per user decreases. A 7-day free trial is available, which offers the full-featured Ayoa Ultimate that contain both Ayoa Mind Map and Ayoa Task.

Ayoa Mind Map is priced at $10 per user, per month, billed annually. This rate is the same for 1 up to 4 users. On the next 5-9 user tier, pricing becomes $9 per user per month, billed annually.

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Who Uses Ayoa?

Ayoa Mind Map is for teams and businesses of all sizes across functions and industries. It is for users who need an online mind mapping and mind map maker. Customers include Amazon, Samsung, Oracle, Continental, Salesforce, Aetna, BBC, Wagonex, and Stamford American International School.

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Ayoa Mind Map Supported Languages

Ayoa is available in English, Korean, Japanese, French, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, and Chinese, with additional languages in the works.

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Case Studies

Oli Thomas is the brand and public relations manager for the UK’s first car subscription service. With a business model offering an alternative to car ownership and leasing, the company grew from strength to strength. Experiencing a good type of growing pains, Thomas was looking for an integrated solution to keep everyone in the company connected.

After experimenting with whiteboard and Kanban board options, the company chose Ayoa Mind Map to find a solution for capturing and harnessing creativity. Using a single platform, Thomas and the rest of the company is able to link tasks to mind-mapping functionality. This allows them to manage multiple tasks across a product roadmap. Ayoa is now their go-to tool that takes the place of the whiteboard as teams work flexibly between home and office.

Mark Williams is the head of physical education at an American international school in Singapore. He uses mind maps in education in two ways. The first is for curriculum planning. Ayoa Mind Map highlights the key areas that Williams and the school wanted to cover for sports and health-related fitness across grade levels. They can easily decide what areas they would add or take away at other grade levels.

The second use case is for student formative assessment. Using Mind Map, students are able to develop their own knowledge without any preconceived ideas. Mind maps allow them to explore different paths and ideas. They use teacher questions to explore concepts, and then pick out the information they need to develop a deeper understanding to create their own statements of enduring understanding at the end of the term.

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Why Choose Ayoa Mind Map?

Ayoa Mind Map is a flexible tool that lets users create mind maps as well as other types of diagrams, charts, and flowcharts. It is easy to use not only for brainstorming sessions but also for project management, event planning, and task tracking. Users can customize any team or business workflow and create visual documents that they can use in presentations, websites, and other reports to enhance communication.

Company Info

Ayoa Mind Map is a product of OpenGenius, a privately held training and software company based in Penarth Marina, near Cardiff, Wales. OpenGenius was founded in 2005 by Chris Griffiths. In the early 1990s, Chris Griffiths collaborated with Tony Buzan, the inventor of the mind map, to create iMindMap, a desktop-only mind mapping software first released in 2006. In 2019, the OpenGenius team launched Ayoa to replace iMindMap with a new generation of mind mapping software. The company continues with its mission to educate, motivate, and facilitate practical innovation.

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Mind mapping is just the start of effective work visualization. Effective scheduling, tracking, and collaboration require a robust project management solution. Our featured partners have free demos you and your team can try to get hands-on experience before making this important decision.

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