Celoxis Released Latest Version 9.5

Celoxis-Logo-VectorCeloxis web-based project management software announced a major release recently with its latest version 9.5. The company is always finding ways to make the software more usable while enhancing user experience. As it innovates due to transforming business conditions and new requirements from customers, the latest version now comes with new and improved interactive charts, easier collaboration, a freshly looking activity stream and a more streamlined navigation.

New and Improved Charts

Celoxis project management software has been providing its users with great data visualizations for many years. Its comprehensive graphical, flexible and shareable reports enable users to gain insight through its drill-down, time-phased analysis and reporting. The latest version now combines rich interactivity with powerful reporting capability. Vibrant new palette of colors and animations have been added to create the best looking charts.

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The new charts include a new range of graphics such as a pie chart, stacked bar and bubble charts. Perspective can be improved by toggling the data series just by clicking the legend. The charts are presented consistently across platforms to give a uniform experience. The new charting framework is cross-platform and cross-browser yet lightweight. This translates to high performance and response in any of the supported browsers and mobile devices.

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Improved Collaboration on Work Items

Celoxis latest version 9.5 now makes it easier for users to work together and get things done. In any part of the application, they can comment directly whether they are working on tasks, troubleshooting bugs, solving issues, clarifying change requests, or revising project documents. Users can clarify immediately on actionable items, even out of their email inbox. With an improved Activity Stream, everyone is updated and nothing falls into cracks. Everyone knows who said what and when, but still keep their workspace organized by following only the items they needed to be updated on.

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All-new Navigation

Over the years, the user interface has gone through several reorganizations for different reasons. In the past, toolbars have been collapsed and menus consolidated for more screen real estate. Version 9.5 sports a simplified user interface with a bolder and larger font-face for enhanced visualization. It also brings an easier and more predictable menu navigation, where items are structured in the simplest category actions for quicker and more intuitive navigation. Together with a Quick Search bar, users can simply enter the names of work items to locate everything in their account. A bigger area for the logo also provides for account branding for companies to upload their own logo.

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More enhancements and improvements

Celoxis version 9.5 includes other updates and improvements aside from new look and feel, and colorful charts. Function-wise, new packaged reports can provide managers and senior executives with different perspectives on schedule, financial health, resource assignments, and general project status. Also pre-built reports are available to team members for task and other work item assessment.

Users can now save reports directly in PDF. The software is now available in the Russian language, and clients can change language capabilities to work easier in their native parlance. Pick lists have a type-ahead search for longer lists. It is also easier to create a new user by copying a selected user’s settings, preferences and favorite reports. For more of the latest in Celoxis, visit their Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn page.

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