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Trello is a free online software that enables users to visually manage projects and track tasks. As a productivity tool, it allows individuals and teams to organize and track work through a system of customizable boards, lists, and cards. It was created by New York-based company Fog Creek Software in 2011 as an internal application. Trello spun-off in 2014, and Atlassian acquired the company in 2017. The latest statistics show that it has 35 million registered users. It offers a free version with limited features, and several paid plans starting at $5 per month per user. Before we start this top 10, if you ever need a tool to boost your Trello experience with great charts and reports, we highly recommend using Bridge24 for Trello.

The Top 10 Tutorials

Trello is used by teams and organizations of all sizes, from freelancers to enterprises, schools and non-profits. It is among the popular online platforms for project tracking and collaboration, with a wide selection of integrations or Power-Ups. Below is our list of Trello tutorials, guides, online courses, slides and other resources. Most of these discuss how to get started, and a few cover some advanced use cases and other helpful tips.

1. Trello Guide

The Getting Started With Trello Guide is the official resource in how to start with the software. It covers several topics for free such as Trello 101, Create a Board, Feature Deep Dive, and Power-Up Your Productivity. Included in this page are some examples and articles in how the software is used, such as for planning a wedding, a vacation, and daily recipes, among others. There are also examples of how some of its clients, like Burgerfi and Deutsche-Bahn have adopted the software. Last, links to several free on-demand webinars are available as well.

2. LinkedIn Learning

Trello Essential Training is a LinkedIn Learning online course developed by Zack Arnold. It is a 2-hour 20-minute course for beginners. Zack explains how to use the productivity tool to organize work or manage projects in collaboration with the team. The course is divided into an introduction, a discussion of Trello boards and cards, more advanced features, Power-Ups and extensions, tips for project managers, and a conclusion. LinkedIn Learning offers premium courses with a free month to start with.

3. Trello Help

Another top Trello tutorial resource is from their own Trello Help site. The Getting Started with Trello video demo is a short demo that includes the transcript of the video. Here, the presenter walks the viewer to a basic presentation of a Trello board. He covers steps such as creating a board, adding cards, and collaborating with others, to name a few. On the left side of the page are links to other topics as well.

4. Zapier Trello Tutorial

Zapier is a work automation software that enables users to connect the different software they use, and make it work together. It works with Trello, and has several tutorials for the software, including a comprehensive guide titled How to use Trello. The guide covers important Trello terms, a step-by-step guide in how to create a board, lists, and cards, complete with screenshots. It also discusses how to assign cards, give it due dates, add labels, and other more advanced ways.

5. The Freelance Effect

The Freelance Effect is a blog for a community of freelancers. It has a 2018 Trello review and tutorial where the author gives a description of the online platform. He includes in his blog a tutorial in how Trello works, how to create boards, lists, cards, add members, and automation, among others. The tutorial is written in simple terms for beginners and includes screenshots and GIFs.

6. Trello YouTube video

Some of the best tutorials come from Trello itself. For example, this 2015 Getting Started with Trello video is a 5-minute video tutorial on how to get started with the project management application. They use an example where a software company creates a board to keep track of their new app. A transcript of the video is included on the page, as well as some updates to a change in terminology.

7. Slideshare Trello Beginner’s Guide

Slideshare is a LinkedIn company whose goal is to allow members to share knowledge easily. It is an online slideshow application that can be accessed for free. The author created a slide deck titled How to use Trello: Beginner’s Guide complete with screenshots. Her targeted audience are beginner users and non-technical persons. The deck totals 152 slides.

8. Udemy – Trello Ultimate Guide

The Ultimate Guide: Learn Trello – Beginner to Advanced is a Udemy course created in 2016. The aim of the instructor is to help the user speed up their understanding of Trello and their ability to navigate the platform. The course includes 2.5 hours of on-demand video and 2 articles, aside from the other features normally offered on Udemy. The course has received an average of 4.4/5 rating, with more than 2000 students enrolled since.

9. Jessica Stansberry YouTube video

Jessica Stansberry is a social media marketing personality that regularly blogs, create videos and podcasts to help her followers and clients. Her How to use Trello YouTube video was created in 2017, and has been viewed over 295k since. The 9-minute video (7 minutes, less the introduction) covers how the author uses Trello in organizing her personal and professional time.

10. Slideshare Trello Basic Tutorial

This is another Slideshare deck about Trello Basic Tutorial. The author presents the software and how it can help users to manage projects in a series of slides that total to 112. It is a step-by-step guide, from signing up, to creating boards, lists, and cards, among others.


Millions of users like to use Trello because it is easy to use with its drag-and-drop interface. The visual system also presents information quickly up-front, which allows teams to spend less time on using the tool itself, and more on what they need to work on. It promotes transparency, organization, and an improved workflow. It is also flexible, so it can be applied to a broad array of projects.

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