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Planview Clarizen is an online project management software that is scalable to a variety of team and company sizes. It is a preferred enterprise collaborative work management solution by mid-sized to large businesses for its complete and robust tools and features. The company started in 2006, and over the years, it has been recognized by leading analyst firms and media outlets. For example, Planview Clarizen One received Gartner Peer Insights Customer’s Choice award for best project and portfolio management software of 2019.

The Top 5 Tutorials

Being able to support different work styles and methodologies, Planview Clarizen provides thousands of customer organizations across 79 countries several advantages. For professional services firms for instance, the software allows them to get better project data visibility, so they have more accurate timesheets, timely invoices, and effective resource allocation. Clients like Sodexo, Ricoh, and Box are able to streamline their processes across their organization. Here are the top 5 places to start if you want to learn more about Planview Clarizen and the potential benefits for your business.

1. Planview Clarizen Resource Library

Planview Clarizen has an extensive Resource Library that provides information about its products, best practices, strategies and other helpful information. The filters on the left side of the screen allows you to narrow down your search. You can limit it to only Planview Clarizen Go product, or make it show only video materials, or limit the results relevant only to marketing team-related articles. Results from your search filters will appear on tile format.

2. Planview Clarizen Education

The Planview Clarizen Education page appears in a similar format but is more specific to how to get started and how to master the different features of the software. Again, users can filter the results per function, such as materials related to creating a project, managing projects, reporting, or administration. You can also filter according to the role you have in the project team, as a project manager, an admin, or a resource. About a dozen videos are available to watch from.

3. Planview Clarizen Success Training and Tutorials

Planview Clarizen Success is another resource site where training and tutorial articles can also be accessed similar to the other resource sites. However, the layout is different, with simple link lists and a search bar on top. A total of 11 training articles are listed, such as Foundation Training Overview, and Planview Clarizen Orientation – Getting Started. Clicking the Getting Started training link will take you to another page that provides details of the course. For example, this Getting Started course duration is about 1 hour, and is ideal for all types of Planview Clarizen users. The course is designed to introduce new users to the software’s interface and basic navigation. There are also a total of 14 tutorial articles accessible, with topics such as creating a project, project scheduling, and more.

4. Planview Clarizen Live Demos

Planview Clarizen also hosts live demos for its users. You can filter the information depending on the product you want to learn about, your region in the world, whether in the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, or Latin America. You can also filter according to role or user type, whether a new user, a power user, or an administrator. Live Demo topics can be about basic Q&A, advanced configuration, tips and tricks, or new features workshop, among others. Schedules are posted per demo.

5. Planview Clarizen YouTube Channel

Planview Clarizen also has a YouTube channel that it started in 2010. Many of its tutorial videos are also available on their YouTube site, along with other promotional and customer videos. They also have several playlists that compiles different types of videos, including 33 tutorial videos in English, which can be played one after another. The latest videos about its mission and vision, and company culture, however, were uploaded one year ago.


Planview Clarizen offers several products depending on your business need. It enables you to collaborate with others easily, like sharing information about resources, strategies, and goals. You are able to plan projects, assign tasks, track status, create reports and share them with other stakeholders. It is a valuable tool for enterprise project managers, IT professionals, professional services providers, marketing teams, senior executives, and many other teams.

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