Interview with Function Point CEO Chris Wilson

What is Function Point? Who uses it?

Function Point is a finance first project management solution. It’s designed to be an all-in-one tool connecting each stage of a team’s workflow—spanning CRM, resource management, invoicing and accounting. It’s primarily used by creative agencies, internal marketing teams and professional service firms.

What makes Function Point different? Why should customers give you a try?

Our financial focus is actually quite unique within the industry. Function Point’s software isn’t just for tracking deadlines and assigning tasks. It actually helps you figure out inefficiencies in your workflows, identify projects that are at risk of being late or over budget, and highlight where you’re making and losing money. The software provides these insights by tying all the stages of your project and all of your workflows together with an accounting system. This provides you with a central location for storing data and a comprehensive view into your profitability.

By giving companies a better view of their finances, we help creative people save time, be more productive, and ultimately achieve their goals.

We’re also differentiated by the fact that we’ve been around since 1997. Over the last 20 years we’ve learned a lot about the challenges of our customers, and almost all of our product innovations have come as a response to those challenges. By becoming more and more familiar with the inner workings and struggles of those companies, we’ve been able to build workflows that really cater to each business specifically.

In addition to customer-focused development, our dedication to customer service has been crucial to our success and staying-power. We have a team of Onboarding Consultants and Customer Success Managers who are committed to understanding each new customer and helping them thrive with Function Point. Customers get lifetime technical support for free and our in-house support team prides itself on providing the quickest, friendliest, and most knowledgeable support that they can. We respond to customer questions in 30 minutes or less and customers can access a comprehensive resource library on-demand.

Basically we’re real people serving real people. This simple realization keeps our business and development process straightforward and honest.

What’s a common project management issue companies have?

When we first meet with customers, a lot of them are working out of Excel, using QuickBooks Online as well as a separate Gantt software. All of this information lives in multiple locations, without a single source of truth.

Without a central place for your data, it’s harder to document scope creep—when projects go beyond the original scope of work. When scope creep happens, agencies need to be able to document it and communicate it to their clients. Otherwise, the agency usually ends up eating the cost of the additional work.

To avoid this issue, and save you time and money, Function Point brings all of this information and data into one, easy-to-use, tool.

What should people keep in mind when searching for project management software?

Fit. After 20 years of working with agencies and internal marketing teams, we’ve learned that nearly every company has different workflows and requirements. Small adjustments to a new tool are expected. Drastically changing the way your organization functions is another story.

You need to find a tool that fits your team and your business and doing your homework is critical. The more research you put into finding the right project management tool, the easier it will be to roll out within your firm.

Achieving a good fit is a driving factor in Function Point providing a 60-day, money-back guarantee—which promises results in 60 days or your money back. You get to try our software to ensure that it’s a fit, without any fear of wasting your valuable budget.

You just launched a new visual identity. How did you know it was time to rebrand?

Our last refresh was about 6 years ago and design trends have changed a lot since then. We’ve always been a progressive business and we knew that needed to be reflected in the look of our brand.

I like to think we have the maturity of a 20-year-old firm and the culture of a nimble startup. We feel our new visual identity does a great job of representing that.

After 20 years in business, what are you most proud of?

I’m proud to have grown an organization that has remained relevant to our customers over two decades without ever forgetting the core values we were founded on. We’re focused on continuous learning and growth, both as a business and personal, and that is never going to change.


To learn more about Function Point, read our review, or check out their website.


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