Tips for a Project Manager to Successfully Manage Mobile App Development Projects

There are several challenges that developers need to face when engaging in a mobile app development project. From ensuring optimum performance to keeping the development cost within the budget, project managers need to take care of several aspects. Any mobile app development company need to follow project management guidelines that ensure successful apps within the project deadline and budget. Here we are going to explain some of the most effective tips for project managers to complete mobile app development projects successfully.

Have a Scrupulous Action Plan

For efficient and performance-focused project management, app developers need to have a detailed action first of all. Most successful app development projects always have a scrupulous action plan laid out well in advance.

The most important thing that you can do is to segregate the entire project into smaller parts with specific milestones. Each component should define what features to build and when they will be ready. Each part should also have specific developers assigned to it.

This is done in a significant way by using an agile project charter. Such charter clearly shows your objective, the impacts, the risk factors and the manpower involved in carrying out the tasks. This charter works by replying to four questions, respectively as why, what and who representing project vision, project objective and the specific team members.

Evaluate the System Guidelines

Just before preparing for a development project the project manager must take into account the platform-specific guidelines. iPhone and Android platforms are subject to specific instructions for any app built for these platforms. Without conforming to the guidelines of these guidelines the apps will be rejected.

This is why the project managers need to plan the development to ensure following these guidelines throughout the project. Revisions carried out, later on, will only increase the development cost and hence it is advisable to stick to these guidelines from early on.

Get Requirements Written from The Client

To ensure that there is no discord with the client expectations, the project managers have to take all the requirements of the clients in a written copy. A formal document with all the details of the customer requirements and expectations from the application will also help to guide the development process and prevent falling into the trap of any revision or repair later on. This will help to streamline the project better with fewer scopes of faults.

Clear Communication with The Team

Once you have your plan laid out and you are sure about all the objectives and project milestones you need to assign specific tasks to the app developers of your team. For assigning tasks to team members, you can follow different models. Let us offer some useful tips to assign tasks and ensure clear communication with the team members.

  • Take the RACI model to have a clear idea of the roles and responsibilities. R stands for the Responsible who can complete the task, A stands for accountability of final decision and the output, C stands for people needed to be consulted before any decision, and lastly, I stands for the person who should be informed about any decision.
  • Secondly, have a clear communication plan in place. Within the team, everyone should know his responsibilities and roles clearly.
  • Lastly, ensure openness and frankness for sharing ideas, concerns and issues during a project. Encourage brainstorming and idea sharing to generate useful insights and innovations.

Evaluating Results

A project manager must have a solid setup and mechanism to evaluate the development inputs and output on a continuous basis over a period of time. You need to encourage learning from your projects and the particular implementation of components and various aspects. For evaluating some of the key questions that project managers should focus upon include the following.

  • The key accomplishments or achievements of the project
  • The key challenges of the project
  • The performance of the actual Return on Investment (ROI) against the expected or planned ROI
  • The project timeline and how it lacked in terms of milestones or final deadline
  • The key learning from the teamwork and individual performance in the project
  • Effective communication within the team
  • The typical shortcomings of the project and how they could be addressed

Use the Right Project Management Tools

Apart from all the helpful tips mentioned above, there is an array of helpful project management tools to help to complete software development projects efficiently. Let us provide examples f few of these tools.

  • Asana: It is a task management tool that allows easily organising all works of a project. It is a complete tool to help you organise, assign, move and track tasks within any project.
  • Trello: It is a great tool to help project managers visually accessing workflow and track the progress of various tasks within a project. The tools coming with drag and drop feature easily helps configuring a visual board to accommodate the tasks of your project.
  • Basecamp: It is a robust project management tool that can handle multiple projects along with messaging threads, charts, calendars and many elements. It also offers a number of ready to use templates from which you can choose the befitting one for your project.
  • Zoho Projects: Zoho comes as a multi-dimensional tool with a lot of features including bug tracking, time tracking, visual boards, etc. it suits all sorts of projects ranging from the agile to traditional development.
  • Pivotal Tracker: It is basically a very sophisticated agile development project management tool that has already been in use across popular platforms like GitHub, and Zendesk. This tool also helps project managers to keep track of the project completion speed and accordingly to provide suggestions to speed up.


From the above-mentioned tips and tools, it is more or less clear that right project management approach equipped with appropriate tools can bring agility, sophistication, performance and excellent design and development output in mobile app projects.

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