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the power of project leadershipMost project managers are very skilled in planning, tracking, risk management, quality assurance and other hard skills. Not many, however, are as confident in their communication skills, negotiating, listening, leadership or motivational skills. Not until recently, our society has valued hard skills over soft skills, and for project professionals, this can mean not leveraging the human resources of a project, which in turn can lead to conflict, discouragement, poor deliverables and unhappy customers. The Power of Project Leadership: 7 Keys to Help You Transform from Project Manager to Project Leader aims to develop people into proactive, accountable project leaders.

Book Details

This first paperback edition was published in January 2015 by Kogan Page Publishers. It has 286 pages and is about 0.6 inch thick. The front cover displays the title and sub title in white fonts over black background at the middle area. The author’s name and publisher’s logo is at the bottom part. The book also has a background image of somewhat small mirrors, reflecting golden light at the center and diminishing towards the outer area. ISBN-10: 0749472340; ISBN-13: 978-0749472344


$31.43 for the book edition and $31.86 for the Kindle edition


Target Audience

The Power of Project Leadership is for project managers, program managers, project administrators, PMO staff, team leaders, department heads, line managers and other business managers who want to get better at leading and implementing change.

What Customers Say

Cherri Essner described it as an excellent leadership book that has great insights and tips for project managers to be able to confront issues and lead the way while staying true to their values.

Martin Sorensen stated that The Power of Project Leadership draws the readers in by how the author addresses, explains and coaches with themes, recommendation and insight toward personal and professional development.

Cornelius Fichtner describes the book as an in-depth road map that shows how project managers can re-invent themselves and go from managing projects to leading them with vision and empowerment.

Content, Approach, Style

The Power of Project Leadership is divided into an introduction and 4 chapters. The introduction explains concisely the benefits to gain from reading the book, an overview of the four chapters, the motivation that prompted the author to write the book, and more. Chapter 1 discusses concepts of how the world is changing, and its effect and impact on the project professional. It also explains the differences between management, leadership, and the shortcomings of a purely management approach. Chapter 2 is an exercise to help readers determine their own sources of motivation, confidence in capabilities, and working patterns. Chapter 3 discusses in detail the 7 essential keys to project leadership. The last chapter provides recommendation and tools to help embed the keys and sustain the readers in their transformation.

The book has paragraphs, sentences and language that is easy to read and understand. At the start of every chapter, there are bullet points of what the chapter is about. The paragraphs are of readable length. The book uses topic headers, figures, italics and other visual markers for emphasis and focus. It also includes short case stories, real-world examples and narratives from business and project leaders based on their actual company experience. There is also a section that references a website and bonus material.

Why Buy the Book

“Progress stems from the desire to learn, adapt and improve”. The Power of Project Leadership is a timely, relevant and essential guide to help project professionals successfully navigate modern-day projects that contain many uncertainties and leadership challenges. It provides a 7-step framework that can transform project managers into progressive and authentic project leaders, enabling them to feel more confident and assertive, leading by vision and continuously improving and innovating.

Books that Complement

Hidden Strengths is a self-improvement resource that has a straightforward style and approach to inspire and motivate readers to develop their so-called middle skills.

Dr. Heaslip’s Managing Complex Projects and Programs is a useful reference for project and program leaders to read about the lessons, insights and new approach for a better perspective and preparation in managing complex initiatives.


Susanne Madsen has over 17 years experience in the corporate sector managing multi-million dollar, big-profile projects for organizations such as JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup and Standard Bank. She is a PRINCE2 Practitioner, an MSP Practitioner, and a member of the Association of Project Management. She coaches and trains project managers to become leaders. The Susanne Madsen Ltd is a company that provides project leadership master classes, project leadership courses, group coaching, and individual coaching. As an internationally recognized speaker and consultant, she also offers, through her company, project kick-offs, motivational talks, lectures and project consulting services. Susanne is also the author of The Project Management Coaching Workbook, published in 2012.

$31.43 for the book edition and $31.86 for the Kindle edition


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