Zoho Projects 5 – Improved User Interface and More

zoho-projects-logoZoho Projects is an incredibly useful software for organizations to allow employees to collaborate and get work done, and now, the application has improved even further with the release of Zoho Projects 5, with many more improvements to come in the year 2015. Zoho Projects 5 has introduced five phenomenal features: A new and improved user interface, better resource usage, SLA automation, enhanced integration with finance apps, and an improved Chrome extension.

Convenient and Efficient User Interface

The new UI is way faster than before, it is more appealing and comes with a new full-screen design that makes the best use of your display. Zoho Projects have also improved convenience and organization too, making the interface a lot more user-friendly. If you are working on several projects, the most recently accessed ones are displayed on the top bar, allowing you to switch easily between them. On the right panel, there is a new project customization tab which provides context at the same time you make some changes. Moreover, you can easily group together Gantt charts and other reports.


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Better Resource Usage

Zoho Projects 5 has introduced a new feature called ‘Work Hours’ for tasks. You can simply set the number of hours for a resource, including other settings such as work hours per day and percentage of hours per day, or you can leave it at total work hours per day and allow Projects 5 do the rest. This enables better observation into resource utilization. For each person or resource on your team you can see if the assigned work is less than, approaching, or more than the available hours. They have also created a visually aesthetic see-saw representation by plotting allotted time and free time at either ends. This allows you to plan your projects and have fun at the same time.


SLA Automation

Service Level Agreements define specific obligations placed by the suppliers, and many contracts have them nowadays. Refusal of the same results in automatic penalties. Zoho Projects 5 provides contractual compliance to your customers through automated escalations. For example, if an issue cannot be fixed within 24 hours, an escalation message will be generated to a given manager. You can also prompt specific actions, for instance, if a problem arises, it can automatically be assigned to an experienced developer. Projects 5 has up to ten automated actions for four levels of escalations.


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Enhanced Integration with Finance Apps

Previously, it was possible to generate invoices within time-sheets in Projects 4. Customers loved it so we tried to add something more in Zoho Projects 5. You can simply connect your portal with our accounting app, Zoho Books. Now, not only can you create invoices, but also assign a budget to your projects, edit and record expenses, and view expense reports without leaving the Projects interface.


Improved Chrome Extension

The new Google Chrome extension for Zoho Projects allows you to quickly access projects from any tab. You can comfortably take actions on the latest projects updates. You can also create and manage tasks, post feeds, update time-sheets and create bug logs. You can easily take a screenshot and edit it with a screen-grabber. You can highlight important areas and cross out confidential information with an inbuilt drawing tool. For instance, if you are working on a software project, this could give you a much clearer picture of a hidden bug. To stay updated with the latest releases from Zoho Projects, visit their Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages.


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