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Overview Presentation

zipBoard is a free website review and annotation tool. It provides users the visual platform to collaborate on web projects, especially between designers and developers, as well as with project managers and QA. It facilitates communication among teams, so that they can instantly discuss ideas, make annotations, provide comments, assign tasks, and report bugs. It simplifies the product creation process, so that the transformation from idea to product is smoother and faster. Users can do away with emails, spreadsheets, video calls and other complex steps in order to complete web projects.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Simplified Collaboration and Project Management ‚Äì zipBoard simplifies online collaboration resulting to smooth project management. It provides the platform where designers, developers, testers, external clients and other stakeholders can directly work together on multiple web projects. It allows unlimited collaborators. Team members can get automatic updates whenever an issue is reported or resolved. Also, users can send emails directly from the app, or send them direct messages using @mention. Therefore, the whole team remains updated and in-sync about the project.
  • Online Review and Feedback Tool ‚Äì The online tool enables designers to upload their mock up and prototypes as screenshots. Thus, the rest of the team can easily provide feedback. It can also review live websites without any complex setup or configuration. Teams who use e-learning authoring tools can just upload their SCORM files into the app. Responsive testing allows testers to check the interface and UX on different resolutions with only their browsers in their own computers. Also, they can add annotations on whole elements or specific parts only with comments.
  • Visual Bug Tracking ‚Äì Testers and users can easily report bugs using review boards. It has simple task management that even non-tech members can utilize with ease. On the other end, the project manager can use the task manager to organize the reported issues. They can track the assigned team members, the priority, and the status. They can also export the issues into CSV files for better analysis and insights.


zipBoard offers a free plan and premium plans. All plans include for unlimited users. The Free plan includes for 1 project. The Starter plan at $29 per month includes for 5 projects. The Team plan at $59 per month includes for 20 projects. A custom Enterprise plan is also available, and it includes unlimited projects, custom branding, and team/roles feature. They offer free 30-day trial for the premium plans. Also, a 15 percent discount is offered for those paying annually.

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Target Market

zipBoard is ideal for teams in creative/digital agencies, web design and development companies, and other firms that need online visual collaboration and bug tracking.

Supported Language


Some of their Clients

Clients include Shutterstock, Harrisburg University, United Educators, Bulletproof, Amway, Elm, and Clicktale.


Andy Petroski stated that he is able to visually note changes, but still have a spreadsheet view. Also, it is easy to track issue status, assignments, and have a history of issues for the whole project.

Helen Maffin stated that zipBoard allows her to use the course normally but also take a screengrab when she sees something of interest. This is better than just looking at screenshots.

Why zipBoard

Web technology and digital transformations have tremendously increased the speed of today’s business. Visual platforms like zipBoard equips the user with modern tools that enable them to quickly react to customer feedback and to build better products in a simplified process. Furthermore, the application promotes collaboration and integration, resulting in efficiency and productivity.

Company Info

zipBoard is a privately held computer software company based in New Delhi, India. It was founded in 2015 by Bhavya Aggarwal and Pranab Agarwal, who is also the Product Head. They developed a software that aims to simplify collaboration, feedback and testing. As such, teams can build better products faster.

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