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Zengine is an online database management platform that is deployed in the cloud. It is a business tool that enables people with very little programming background to build applications that fit their requirements. With an easy-to-use interface, users can quickly have their own sales/CRM, project management, hiring or bug tracking applications set up, customized, ready for use, and accessible online. It is an alternative to outdated spreadsheets as well as bulky and costly ready-made software. It is also affordable, free to try and scalable.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Start Quickly with TemplatesZengine is for business people. Even with very little knowledge or background in software, users can quickly put together data-driven applications with the use of templates. Some of the templates to choose from are Event Planning, Sales/CRM, Recruiting, Product Development, Project Management, Customer Support, and more. Another option to build an application is by the Forms Builder, which can be created with simple drag-and-drop of components such as text fields, buttons, and presentational text area. Another way to deploy a cloud-based solution is to import existing data in a spreadsheet and edit online.
  • Enhance Applications with Advanced Features – This online database management platform is not just for starters. As users get the hang of using their applications online, they can take advantage of advanced features to upgrade their solutions and make them more robust. Data stays secure with role-based permissions, so admins decide what each user can see. They can use webforms and collect data online for up-to-date information. They can also expand their data and use relational database to process complex queries and create comprehensive reports. It has unlimited workspaces, custom views and filters. It even has a third dimension to 2D data in columns and rows by linking them to tasks, activities and files.
  • Customize with Plugins and Developer Tools – Most Zengine applications can be and have been built without coding. However, the flexibility is there for those who like to create custom dashboards, complex workflows or new integrations. Anyone with Javascript knowledge can use its developer tools to enhance their applications. Certified Zengine engineers are also available for assistance. A plugin marketplace is also available so that people can purchase only the component they need without having to reinvent the wheel.

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Zengine is offered via annual subscription; pricing varies based on number of users, number of programs, and features required.


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Target Market

Zengine online database management platform is for individuals, teams, departments and large organizations in any industry, public, NGO or private institution. It is valuable for freelancers, SMB owners, project managers, business managers, administrators and executives at different levels.

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Some of their Clients

Clients include the Rheumatology Research Foundation, Fity Social Media, Asia Sourcing Corp, Signpost Sound and Ascent Real Estate Solutions.

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Connor Gallic of Fity Social Media recommended Zengine for people looking for a good software to manage data and keep track of everything.

Through this DB management platform, Terri Dean of ASC described how they were able to build a single system that everyone could use to create, track and complete orders.

Why Zengine

Outdated tools to manage data such as spreadsheets hinder rather than help. Off-the-shelf solutions often force businesses to fit the software and not the other way around. Zengine empowers people to build quickly and easily the right application for their unique needs. It also has advanced features, APIs and plugins for customization and expansion. Its ability to attach events, tasks, files, and comments to any data makes it more flexible.

Company Info

Zengine is built by WizeHive, a privately held computer software company based in Conshohocken, PA, USA. It was founded in 2008 by Michael Levinson and Mike Carson, who is also the current CTO. The company started out as an enterprise messaging and task management web application . Even during its beta, it received good feedback of its powerful front-end drag-and-drop functionality. It had $100k seed funding in 2009 and received $980k angel investments in 2010. Also, in 2010, it launched a new tool to help organizations manage applicants, which later evolved to Select, the company’s flagship product for application process management. In 2013, it received another round of funding of $1.5M.

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