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xplace-logoDo you require new talent but don’t have the necessary resources or need to take on a full-time employee? The solution in such a case would be hiring a freelancer. With the number of freelancers being hired being on the rise, you can be one of the many businesses jumping on the freelance bandwagon. According to The Plato Group, a top leader in customer acquisition, increased competition has resulted in a huge number of businesses to invest in freelance talent. This freelance revolution is slated to be the driving force in the upcoming freelance economy, where businesses of all sizes will be hiring awesome talents from the freelance marketplace.

Introducing XPlace

XPlace is a massive freelance marketplace based in Los Angeles, with their development offices located in Israel and Ukraine. The site makes it extraordinarily easy for freelancers and clients to connect with one another in hundreds of categories starting from writing & editing, web development, design, tech, translation, mobile app development and more. Co-founded by Allon Mason in 2004, they have a huge database of freelancers and hundreds of categories to make your choice from, allowing you to niche down to a particular skill to assist you with your business. The platform is super easy to use and the categories can be easily seen. If you are a client wanting to hire a freelancer without working your fingers to the bone, this is the site you should visit as it takes just a few seconds to select the skills you require and then check the profiles of the freelancers catering to your requirements. Regardless of whether you are a freelancer or a company, XPlace can help you grow your business effectively.



XPlace has over 500 categories of services provided by freelancers. In fact, listing each of the categories here would be impossible. And, it’s certain for you to find the freelancer with the necessary skill set to help you with the tasks which you want to outsource. They also have a great team of PMs who can go all the way to assist you and your business mange your projects effectively. Clients are suggested to read the profiles of freelancers thoroughly in order to get the best services. The ratings and feedback left by previous clients can help you make an informed decision.

Pricing and Plans

Instead of cutting a chunk of each project, XPlace operates on a recurring monthly membership fee, often known as the SAAS model. Since they don’t take project fees into account and simply charge the freelancers, the overall prices are relatively lower compared to other marketplaces.

They have three pricing plans for freelancers as can be seen in the image.


The pricing for hiring project managers on the website is detailed below.


The site allows you to post a project let freelancers make their pitches.

Why XPlace?

With over $191,91k paid to freelancers every since their inception and $3,28K worth of projects posted in the last 30 days, XPlace offers something for every type of freelancer. Moreover, it accommodates both short and long-term projects. Regardless of where you are in your career, the site is likely to have something for you. With a distinctly different approach compared to other platforms, it’s a win-win situation for both employees and freelancers here. To know more visit their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.


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