Wrike Updates: Dashboards, Starred Folder & Request Forms

wrike-logoWrike, an online web app for project management and work collaboration, has recently added 3 software features. Which are, in the iOS app, access to Dashboards and a Starred Folder. Additionally, in the desktop app, the capability to attach files to request forms. Dashboards, Starred Folders and joining files to request forms provide an additional advantage to manage your time.

1. Access Dashboards in iOS app

Have the desired dashboard on the iOS app as you do on the desktop. The iOS and desktop view is now the same. See them anywhere at anytime.

2. Starred Folder in iOS app: Pick & Click Favorite Files & Projects

To have quick access to your favorite files and projects simply click the star on the right side of the folder for your file or project to appear in the “Starred ” section of the folder tree. See illustration below. Instead of keyword searching your favorite files, have them in one spot – another time saver.



3. Files Join Request Forms

To improve communication, Wrike suggests using this feature to add files like: images and/or screenshots. Even better, add a photo of the notes you quickly jotted down when that great idea popped into your head. Being able to do this, provides you the reassurance that the message sent is the message received. Simply put, clearly communicate what you are asking for. The image below shows how to add your files to your request form.



In Short

Think of these latest features as another way to up your game in project management. The same dashboard view between devices, putting your favorites in one spot and pairing files and requests will undoubtedly make this happen. For more on the latest announcements and updates, visit Wrike’s Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn page.

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