Wrike Software Update: Marketing Team Solution Tools

Wrike introduces a new solution with three new tools to simplify campaigns for creatives and marketers. Wrike for Marketers provides users with Wrike Requests, Wrike’s Extension for Adobe Creative Cloud, and Proofing & Approval. Team members no longer need to use multiple applications to keep track of work and project managers have a central location to manage workflow, keep track of progress and provide feedback.

1. Wrike Requests

Wrike Requests is your creative brief. Requests can be made to the design team from this form using a non-authentication required URL. All key stakeholders immediately see the entire request with all of it’s attached files. Once the project manager has reviewed the request, it is a simple process to review workload and assign a designer. The form becomes a file and all attached work moves with the file automatically.

Wrike Requests


2. Wrike’s Extension for Adobe Creative Cloud

Users are going to be most excited by the addition of the Adobe Creative Cloud. Designers no longer have to save projects locally, then convert and upload. With this native access, gone are the days of tracking work across multiple applications. Users open local files linked to tasks, change task status and read and reply to comments without leaving the Wrike dashboard.

3. Proofing & Approval

Wrike’s ultimate goal is to empower teams to spend more time creating and less time managing. Of all the additions, Proofing & Approval is the most important tool toward this objective. Using a simple click and type feedback process in any area of the image, stakeholders provide transparent feedback. Clearly visible feedback and process tracking ensure that everyone is accountable and the product going out the door is the team’s best version. Wrike is demonstrating it’s confidence in the power of this tool, that they are extending a free trial to all Pro, Business, and Enterprise accounts.


Approval 2


Wrike wants to provide an all-in-one tool for creative and marketing teams, to this end they have added extensions that handle projects from intake to delivery. To make this a viable solution, they needed to allow teams to communicate and create within one platform. With these three tools, creative teams are able to accept work from customers, assign work to designers, manage the workflow and deliver the final product without leaving Wrike.

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