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wrike logoWrike advanced project management and collaboration software continues to equip project teams with tools and features to make work more visible and transparent. With the new Reports feature, all subscribing customers of its Enterprise plan will be able to visualize all work statuses and progress in a few clicks of a button. A free trial is also available. The resulting visibility and insight will then help all project team members make informed decisions to prioritize work that matters and complete them in an efficient manner.

Solving a Common Problem

In a work management survey that Wrike made and collected from more than 1400 workers, a common problem was noticeable among the participants’ response. Among the top causes of stress in the office was ‘missing information’. This lack of transparency and visibility is regarded as a very high cause of stress as well as a factor in costly project delays and failures. The company’s success is dependent on the productivity of individual employees and the overall team productivity. Therefore, providing team members complete and relevant information as they need it reduce office stress and boost productivity. The instant access to vital information is now provided by the new Reports feature.

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Real-time Insights with Reports

Productive teams are able to work quickly on things that matters because they have complete and timely information. However, the process of gathering status updates from all team members about their tasks and then collating them to create a meaningful report that can help in making informed decision takes much time and effort. This is a major roadblock that prevents teams from being productive and prevents project managers from delivering projects successfully. Wrike Reports overcomes this particular roadblock with the use of a reporting engine that enables users to create custom reports that fills in information gaps, thereby providing them the insight to quickly adapt and take the necessary action.

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Use Cases and Benefits

Wrike Reports have helped customers collect status and project updates more frequently, and regularly with significantly less time and effort through automated information collection. It instantly gathers the latest information accurately and displays the data in tabular or graphical views. Users have created reports to gather Weekly Exec Update, Team Performance, Activity Reports and Accomplishments. Users are able to understand the number and status of projects, compare individual performance by key metrics, and learn about completed work on previous periods. By using Reports, teams typically save at least 10 to 15 hours per week they normally would have spent collecting and generating reports. These saved hours are now being spent on actual project work.

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How to create Reports

Wrike Reports are customizable and include the most up-to-date data. To create a Report, users click the Reports tab in the left navigation pane and then click Create new report. The Report Builder contains 4 panels that provide the user the options of the type of report and information he or she wants to generate. They can choose to report on either projects or tasks. They can select the source of data they want to base their report on. Optional filters allow users to specify the type of information to include, and the layout enables the user to display the information either as a column chart or table chart.

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