Wrike – New Report Snapshots, Navigation, Security Upgrades

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wrike logoWrike online project management tool continues to invest in functionality that helps its customers collaborate in an easy and secure way. The latest announced features include report snapshots for easy report sharing. Also in the latest release are changes in the task list navigation header that is more intuitive for the user. Last but not the least, three new security upgrades for Enterprise customers that will allow them to manage projects collaboratively and still have the peace of mind knowing that company data remains private and secure.

Report Snapshots

Wrike has been providing real-time reporting on team and project performance in the past. This has been improved with one-click Wrike Reports that was launched sometime at the end of 2015. Getting insight to effectively run the business has never been easier. Now, it is also possible to share these Reports with Snapshots. With this new feature, users are able to share insights to other teams and stakeholders using the same consistent data that are visible to the Reports creators.

wrike reports snapshot 1

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For example, project managers and team leaders can share a Weekly Status Update snapshot to project sponsors or clients. They can also share Team Performance, Activity Reports, or Accomplishments to senior executives and other stakeholders and project partners. Everyone is on the same page with just a few extra steps after a report has been created. The first step is to go at the top right corner of the Reports result and select Snapshots. From the dropdown box, select Create New Snapshot, and a second box will appear where users can give the snapshot a name and get the link they can share for others to view the report. Snapshots are stored, and users can access them quickly by selecting the Snapshot list option that appears in the first box.

wrike reports snapshot 2

New Navigation Header

Wrike online project management tool is is designed to help people work smarter and get things done faster. One way to do this is to keep the interface intuitive for a great user experience. As more and more new users get on board using the software, improvements are made to make sure things stay simple, especially in getting around the software. The recent launch of the new Task List navigation header includes several changes.

wrike new nav header

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First, the search bar is now at the top of every page. Users can begin their search from one fixed place. Also, the views menu moved down into the folder and project header. Together with this, the rarely used Descendants button or the view that show all tasks at one level in List view has been moved away at the top right corner side. It is also now possible to hover over any task to select or enable multi select. Last, task card details have been simplified.

Security Upgrades

Wrike online project management provides its customers a secure environment for managing and collaborating on their projects. Security is applied across physical, network, system, application and people. Very recently, it has announced security upgrades to further strengthen enterprise-grade security already present in this cloud application. One, admins now can set up requirements for user passwords with the new User Password Policies to help tighten security on user accounts and meet internal security policies. Two, Controlled Admin Permissions especially for customers with more than one administrator enable further control on what functions other admins can perform, for instance, second-tier admins in charge of users and groups within Wrike.

wrike security upgrate

Three, the Network Access Policy feature allows admins to specify and restrict IP addresses within the organization that can access Wrike. This security feature is best for companies with strict policies of allowing employees to access company data only from corporate networks. For more of the latest announcements and updates, visit Wrike’s Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn page.

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