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wrike logoWrike project management software has always focused on solutions that minimize the load of administrative tasks. Many of these solutions were ideas that came from customer feedback and user requests. This May 2014, the development team has worked on popular requests to deliver a project planning and time tracking software that allows users to work faster and collaborate quicker. Whether they are using their desktop in the office or on the go with their Android phone, Wrike provides the right information to get work done easily and efficiently.

New Mass Action Options

Even before, Wrike project management software allows users to edit multiple tasks at the same time. This option is a practical timesaver, especially if the same changes are to be made on several tasks on a regular basis. Using the list view, the user can check the box on the left of tasks. Selected tasks can then be edited together simultaneously such as updating its status to complete, setting them as backlogged, tagging them or moving them to a different folder. The latest release has further updated the Mass Action panel for more batch edit tasks.

wrike mass actions

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The improved Mass Action menu now includes a few more things that it can do. For instance, users can clear dates or reschedule selected multiple tasks for today, tomorrow, this week or next week in one click. In addition to the status update values of before, users now can mark selected tasks as deferred or canceled. Another new Mass Action option is to change assignees or swap users. Selecting several tasks assigned to one person can be swapped quickly with another assignee. Also, aside from moving several tasks to a different folder, it is now possible to remove them from all folders in one go.

wrike mass action improvements

Invite New Users Immediately

Wrike project management solution has a powerful collaboration feature that allows users to involve other people with real-time updates or with document sharing. But there is always a question of security when more people are involved, so it also has a selective data access system that minimizes security issues. However, protocols should not get in the way of work getting done. Thus, the latest release allows any user to invite new users themselves but still maintain the integrity and safety of data.

wrike share folder

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Innovative ways are introduced to invite new users for collaborations. One way is by “Share Folder “, as it is normally done. However, a new field is displayed to invite users not yet in Wrike. With the selective data access, an invited new user will have a role to be set, as a regular user, an external user or as a collaborator. External users and collaborators will not be able to share the information in the folder. As soon as they accept the invitation in their email account, they will be able to access the folder. Another way of sharing a task is by “Add assignee ” or “Share with ” a new user. The role is automatically assigned as an external user if their email domain is different from the corporate domain.

wrike invite user

Push Notifications for Android App

Wrike project management software provides free mobile apps to ensure that users will not miss an important update. The latest release now includes new push notifications for the Android App. Push notification is a way for a system or application to inform users of updates as triggered by an action or event in the system, not necessarily by the user it is informing. If push notification is enabled, Wrike Android users are updated when a task is assigned to them or when they are @mentioned on a task. This prevents an important change or update from not being noticed. Instead, users can immediately spot an update and provide feedback.

wrike android push notification

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