Wrike New Features Help Users Work Smarter and Faster

wrike logoWrike project management software is continuously providing a real-time work platform to thousands of users to help make their day-to-day work easier. In the previous months, it has seriously improved the speed of the application. With its recent updates, the online collaboration solution is not only speeding up productivity but also giving users new features to work smarter. Today, it has added more ways to search for tasks, notify users automatically that dependent tasks have been completed, create tasks and be reminded of them when visiting websites, and more.

Search Tasks by User Groups

Wrike already provides its users several ways to search for tasks, folders and attachments, and all of the ways can be done easily. Furthermore, it already has advanced operators that can be applied with keywords for a fine-tuned, filtered search. It can also search for content within a date range. But when time is of the essence, there is always room for improvement. For Enterprise account users, it is now possible to search for tasks assigned to or created by a user from any particular group. For example, a user may want to search for a specific task associated with a campaign from the Marketing Department. From the search box, the user can type for the keyword, and then follow it with the phrase “to:Marketing ” as an example. Another way without typing a “to:GroupName ” phrase is to apply the “Assigned to ” filter, and then select the group from the dropdown list.

wrike search user group

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Automatic Email Notifications for Completed Dependent Tasks

Wrike project management software allows users to see progress and stay on track with its visual dashboards and interactive Gantt chart. It has a task dependency feature that helps the project team keep track of every advancement and task completion toward milestones. Usually, when team members complete their task, it is necessary for them to notify their teammates that they can now start with their task that was dependent on their completed task. The software has made this automatic with an instant email notification addressed to the next user informing them that it is now their turn to work on the project. To get the benefit of this new notification, all that users have to do is to turn on their email notifications.

wrike notification emails

Create Tasks with the New Chrome Extension

Wrike has great integrations to make it a user’s command center. They can use other business tools or start work from anywhere and connect it all with the application. Another addition to these integrations is the new Chrome Extension that will allow users to create tasks when visiting a website with their Chrome browser. Once users are signed in to Chrome with their Google account, they can easily create a task when they visit a website that they can use for inspiration, remind them of a sales lead, prospect from a LinkedIn page, take care of bug issues, solve customer tickets, and more. Moreover, the integration works both ways, such that when a particular website is visited, an Active Task Notification is displayed from the browser.


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View Images from the Activity Stream

Wrike online collaboration solution provides updates on all project activity through the Activity Stream on its Dashboard. It is a great way to get instant status reports thereby eliminating the need for more meetings and email communication. Now, the Activity Stream can preview image attachments right in the user’s feed. No more extra click to preview the images. What’s more, by hovering over the image, additional information is provided such as the user who attached the file, the date it was added to the task, the file size and file name. This feature is particularly beneficial to creative teams who can easily spot new images and start a discussion.

wrike image preview

Wrike + Zapier Integration = Automation

In addition to its integrations, Wrike now works with Zapier, a cloud-based action automation tool that makes passing data between apps effortless. After users sign up or log into their Zapier account, they can begin creating “Zaps ” to connect two applications. For instance, a user wants every new reminder in Evernote to be created as a task in Wrike. The user will create a Zap composed of two parts: a trigger and a resulting action. In this example, the Evernote reminder is set as the trigger, and the task creation as the resulting action. There are many other ways to automate the passing of data but the results are the same: convenience and saved time.

wrike zapier integration

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